Clerical Collars – I Need a Ruling: Do You Need to Wear Your Clerical Collar When Reading “Curious George” to the School Children? by Pr. Rossow

It’s good to have a little fun once in a while here at the ultra-serious Brothers of John the Steadfast blogsite. In this case, this could be be both serious and fun.

Sometimes I take the tab out of my clerical shirt – sort of like loosening one’s tie. (The tab is the little white thing that in the front of the neck of the clerical collar. Others wear a band clerical which wraps around the entire neck.) Yesterday afternoon I was scheduled to read a book in the library to the third graders from our day school. The librarian had asked me last week what book I wanted to read and I said that I liked “Curious George.” As I walked out of the church office to go down to the library, I noticed I did not have my tab in. I playfully asked the ladies in the church office if one was supposed to insert the clerical before reading “Curious George” to the children.

So, let’s hear what you have to say. Both silly and serious comments are welcome.

BTW – I had not read Curious George since I was a child. I was struck by how moralistic it is. That is not necessarily a bad thing. I noticed that in both stories I read (“Curious George gets a Bike” and “Curious George Goes to the Laundromat”) there was a common thread of George messing up and then thinking to himself that he must make up for his mistakes. Maybe the Kid’s Lit crowd in our readership can chime in and shed a little light on the morality of Curious George.

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