So there’s this Brand New BMW in the Clergy Parking Space at the Hospital… by Pr. Rossow

Enough of the worship wars and the convention scene for a while. Here’s a little stream of consciousness type post to give us something else to think about…

So I pull into the hospital parking lot today to make a call and one of the three clergy spots is filled with a brand new BMW. I didn’t look that close. It was probably a 5 Series (starting at 45k) but could have been a 7 series (starting at 70k), I am not sure. I am not that much into cars.

Our church is in a fairly well to do area (Naperville, Illinois) that is mostly new and mortgaged money and not old and seasoned. I suppose a pastor on a decent salary, if he saved his pennies, could afford a fancy car in his years close to retirement. It’s not that big of a deal. I just thought it was an interesting thing to share to take a break from everything else going on here at the go-to place for Lutheran news and commentary. So, what do you think?

Oh and by the way, the license plate frame on the back said “Got Christ? If not, Hell is Mighty Hot.”

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