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  1. It’s a great video, but I’d rather have the “dies Irae” from Mozart’s Requiem as background.

    Ya think?

    Johannes (give me the old songs)

  2. Johannes,
    We will be at odds on musical taste as long as we are on this side of glory because, as I’ll readily admit, I have none 🙂

    I chuckled when Mollie said they might post this one again because if the “lighthearted” video made people freak this one might make them apoplectic. I readily admit that when I did this one it was cliche, sloganeering, and base emotionalism. So whatever the critics would say I’ve already said it to myself.

  3. Johannes,
    Rather ominous choice of piece, but true, none the less.
    You should right the lyrics to the poem, here at BJS. I doubt anyone has seen it in English. Remember, most of us lay people, know no Latin.

    Well chosen Johannes, very well chosen. Wikipedia has it, should anyone chose to see it in English.

  4. Are these numbers accurate? What has the synod been doing these last nine years?? You mean to tell me that all that hooplah about ABLAZE! hasn’t even increased our baptismal and adult confirmation numbers? What about all the money that has been thrown toward ABLAZE!? And the special offerings? Where did they go? What has it accomplished?

    One thing I have noticed is more Missouri churches seem to be using non-Lutheran books and materials. Ive even heard of some of our congregations choosing to not use Lutheran hymnals! Songs projected on screens do not go through the same theological scrutiny that hymns go through for inclusion in our hymnals. What does all this say of the current direction of our synod? This irresponsibility has been going on for far too long. IT’S TIME for a change. We need not be ashamed of Lutheranism. Why have those duly elected to office in the LCMS allowed finances to get this far out of hand? Pray that the Lord of the Church will rescue us from this dire situation. Changing the polity so that the Synod President has increased powers is not the solution. We need some change, and the BRTF is not the answer.

  5. Rick :
    Are these numbers accurate? What has the synod been doing these last nine years?? You mean to tell me that all that hooplah about ABLAZE! hasn’t even increased our baptismal and adult confirmation numbers? What about all the money that has been thrown toward ABLAZE!? And the special offerings? Where did they go? What has it accomplished?

    How sadly ironic that if we used the TCN guidelines for accountable leadership being pushed by many members of the ruling elite, the would all be given the “left foot of fellowship”.

  6. @Brian Yamabe #3

    Brian–I double dare–in fact, I double-dog dare you to re-record your latest effort, using the Dies Irae from the Mozart Requiem, just for us high-brows.

    It appears that a few other jet-setters agree with me. Here’s a bit of the “lyrics” of “Dies Irae”, which being translated means “Day of Wrath.” Frankly the words a bit strong for my taste given their eschatalogical flavor, but the music is perfect, and the mood it conveys is very appropriate.

    “Dies irae, dies illa
    Solvet saeclum in favilla,
    Teste David cum Sibylla.

    Quantus tremor est futurus,
    Quando judex est venturus,
    Cuncta stricte discussurus!”

    And the translation:

    “This day, this day of wrath
    shall consume the world in ashes,
    as foretold by David and the Sibyl.

    What trembling there will be
    When the judge shall come
    to weigh everything strictly!”

    A bit over the top, but, as I said, you gotta hear the music, text notwithstanding.

    Johannes (Amadeus-ophile)

  7. One Last Term???

    On another site I found a link to what I would call a recipe for
    “How To De-Lutheranize a Lutheran Synod”:

    I wish those who wish to transform the LCMS into a non-Lutheran Church-Growth denomination would have the integrity to simply leave the LCMS and start their own sect, not hijack a biblical Christian denomination. Why leech off the Missouri Synod? If they have such advanced ‘Leadership skills’, what’s stopping them from going out on their own, instead of trying to subvert the LCMS. Afterall, they have no need for Luther, Walther & Pieper.

    This is exactly what results from the ideological shift from “The church is dependent on God” to “The church is dependent on us.” Do some with too much ecclesiastic power forget IT’S THE LORD’S CHURCH? According to the Bible, CHRIST is the head of the church, not the PLI (which is not even a Recognized Service Organization [RSO] of the LCMS). Enough is enough!

  8. Brian,
    If you can find the “classical”version, with the most Scriptural (notice I didn’t say timely, but Scriptural) prose, (Wikipedia lists 19, it is a mass) if you could, with using only Classical art, classical evidence, classical Luther, & Sola’s only,
    I triple dog dare ya. I know it’s July, & no frozen flag poles, but I promise I’ll do it when I can find one,
    if you can take up the dare. Besides….how can we go wrong, w/Mozart’s Requiem? Okay….maybe Hayden, but that’s gnat’s hairs.

  9. Brian,
    Just posted, & saw yours. Played the You Tube link.
    I’ve sung & played Mozart, & Requiem is one of my favorites.

    You did this beautifully Brian…WELL DONE!!!!!

  10. @Been There #13
    This Church Growth/Leadership/Transformation stuff has been spreading through the LCMS for quite a long time. The 2010 convention is the culmination of many years of hard work by those who seek to fundamentally change the synod. With the passing of restructuring and the reelection of President Kieschnick those who have worked to advance these changes will finally have the control they desire to put some real bite behind their bark. If the agents of change get what they want I expect some radical overnight changes in the LCMS. If you have seen it happen to your local congregation you know how fast it can happen in a synod with the right (or in this case wrong) structure and governance.

  11. Brian,
    I think it right & fitting, to make a loop & video..
    for the Convention using Pie Jesu. It’s what we are all praying for.

  12. @Johannes #9

    For gloom and doom, I prefer the almost “Valkyrie”-like setting of the Dies Irae found in Verdi’s Requiem.

    Best theology goes to Faure, however, who places his setting in the midst of the Libera Me, making the Dies Irae the last ditch effort of Satan to tempt the Christian on his deathbed in the midst of his plaintive cry to God to “set me free.” The image Faure paints of the death of the believer with the strident chord on “me” in the last phrase, with release found in death as the phrase resolves in peace on “Domine” (Lord) always gives me goosebumps. When I look at me in death, I’m in turmoil, but when I’m turned to the Lord, all is peace!

    But enough of music appreciation class. Good job Brian on the new version!

  13. Delegates will be in our prayers.

    Delegates, never assume you can leave the convention floor. Always be ready to vote and make the good confession boldly. Our confession is true and catholic. Even if the LCMS passes away the church will remain until the Lord appears again in glory. Let no reason of man be set over the Scriptures or the Confessions. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. God bless you all.

  14. Brian–it works beautifully. I just got home from going over the nominations for all the various boards and commissions with our delegates. What a mess! I went right to BJS, and there it is! Perfect for my taste. Glad you others out there liked it, too. Thanks for taking my double-dog-dare. You are a good sport.

    @PPPadre #20

    You are right–the Verdi would be most excellent. It’s just that the Mozart began running thru my head when I watched the original video. I hadn’t considered the Faure, but it too is appropriate–a bit less strident than Mozart or Verdi, but it works. Of course, the Dies Irae is not in the LSB, Divine Services, 1,2,3,4, or 5, but this ain’t your grandfather’s blog, either.

    Brian–a great many people are praying for all you delegates, for everything from safe travel to God-pleasing decisions. As I met with our delegates this evening, I was struck by the daunting task ahead of them, and the rest of the delegates. Thanks for the musical effort, and for your always interesting posts.


    p.s. Dutch–I hope you’ve viewed “Phantom of the Open Hearth.”

  15. Dies Irae may not be in LSB, but it is in TLH. And that is good enough for me!

  16. I like the music because it is the same music they put in the background of my sky-diving video from a few years ago. It was not a pretty sight to see my jowels flapping in the wind as I fell earthward but the music was dramatic.


  17. “Brian–a great many people are praying for all you delegates, for everything from safe travel to God-pleasing decisions.”

    Amen and amen!

  18. @Carol Rutz #28

    “I actually was hoping for that epic “O Fortuna” song, like in several movies”

    “O Fortuna” is fun music, but it is hardly Christian. It is the opening and closing chorus of Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana”, and it is a blast to sing. However, the You-tube translation indicates that the words are pagan. If memory serves, “Carmina Burana” is gleaned from scratchings on walls of ancient monastaries, not necessarily Christian. It seemed to me that the inhabitants of these monastaries had gone a little stir-crazy, and their scratchings indicate the extent of their mental and emotional degeneration.

    That being said, however, the music is very interesting, and a lot of fun to sing. And I have to admit that it’s a rather effective backdrop for the theme of the video, the context notwithstanding.

    Johannes (“name that tune”)

  19. Johannes,
    I’ll take Obscure Movies for $300, please.

    No, I have never heard of Phantom of the Open Hearth. Is Jean Shepherd the gentleman from A Christmas Story?

  20. I noticed that the financial figures did not start their plunge until 2004. Is that because the Baord of Directors from 2001 until 2004 was fiscally more responsible than the board has been since?


  21. @johannes #24
    TLH Hymn 607: “Day of Wrath, Oh Day of Mourning”
    TLH Hymn 612: “That Day of WRath, That Dreadful Day”

    (And I’ll take obscure Lutheran hymnal references toward the back where no one ever looks, for $500)

  22. @Been There #13
    To give you an answer to your question, they have to take over the LCMS and not leave because like in the 70’s, there is name recognition as much as they don’t want to admit it and would like to change the name of the LCMS. If they left the LCMS, which is what people who don’t agree with the theology should do, they would have no credibility as “Lutheran” and “Confessional” even though they are neither. They would not have world-wide recognition and would be seen as an off-shoot, which is what they are.

  23. @Rev. Kurt Letcher #33


    Which is also why they want the acronym “LCMS” but change what the letters stand for to “Lutheran Church in Mission and Service”, per the BRTF recommendations. British Petroleum becomes Beyond Petroleum becomes BP with sun/flower/green logo. Beyond Lutheranism.

    Now trying to currently identify as “confessional” puts Jesus First in a PR conundrum, because they originally framed their argument by saying THEY were the true conservative Missouri Synod left after the liberal Seminexers were expelled, and that the “confessionals” (far-right offshoot of sour grapes Robert Preus people from Fort Wayne) hijacked the synod. Classic projection argument of change agents. “Confessionals” was a dirty word in the early days of Jesus First.

    But like good Bernays/Maslow/focus-grouped/lifestyle/Church Growth/felt needs marketing, they keep altering their buzz words depending on what the feedback says…like now co-opting “grandfather” as they shift from “Not your grandfather’s church” to “The church our grandfathers dreamed of”…which they must do to try to get as many Harrison voters as possible.

    The typical change agent programs in corporations and politics hinge on radical change in practices, structure, and control while constantly uttering campaign buzzwords (grassroots, congregational, de-centralized, efficient, CFW Walther, etc.) to assure the people that we’re “going back to our roots” and that nothing of importance is changing.

    In change management, it’s all about keywords.

    Sorry…getting off-topic. But I’m expecting a barrage of buzzwords in the next week.

  24. Editor :
    Stat rosa pristina nomine,
    nomina nuda tenemus.

    Not sure I know that one. Could you whistle a few bars?


  25. Johannes #38,
    It’s from the Name of the Rose. Sean Connery stared in the film adaptation, but it was not origianlly in English.
    Rather fitting quote (last line), but, Emburto Eco was a postmodernist.

  26. With my “Dicus et Jana in agris currunt” Latin it reads:

    “The pure rose stands in name only,
    we posses only the stripped names.”

    I’m assuming the original context required the plural (nomina) in the second half, but for our purposes we could go singular:

    Stat rosa pristina nomine,
    nomen nudum tenemus

    “The pure rose stands in name only,
    we posses only the stripped name”

    Am I missing something?

    -Matt Mills

  27. We could go w/ a happier tune if we change “tenemus” (we posses) to “tenent” (they posses). We after all hold the names “Lutheran” and “Christian” in their full joyous meaning, so, first person plural to third person plural and we go from a dirge to a taunt.
    -Matt Mills

  28. Matt & Johannes,
    The way the phrase is written in the post, is the last line of a novel also.
    Il Nome Della Rosa, by Umberto Eco. The Name of the Rose, in English. Very pragmatic who dunnit. Good story & great movie, but I’m a Sean Connery fan anyway. My Italian is minimal, I have learned as I go, & that ain’t far. But I remember the last line in English.

  29. @Dutch #44
    Great book and good movie. I would think the tune/song should be The Rose by Bette Middler from the movie of the same name.

  30. Steven,
    The Rose? Ew, me don’t think so. We love as He did, we follow Him Alone, we endure as He did, and are ambassords, for & aspire to be like Him, in all things.

    Bette’s song, just doesn’t do it. That is worldly love, not the love of Above.
    If anything, The Song of Ruth, is my pick. Lyrics are perfect for everything & season. Including, this Convention, we don’t follow men, we follow Him.

  31. Yeah, I know. Our Iron Curtain (bad water here) needed a roto route. Sorry for the late reply. Do you really want me to write or are you just being kind? I often wonder about what I write.

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