Harrison Election Makes it Onto the Huffington Post, by Pr. Rossow

For the second time in a few weeks the LCMS election has made it on to the liberal Huffington Post blog. Both times the Huffington Post  picked up articles written for the St. Louis Post Dispatch by Tim Townsend.

Townsend’s Harrison victory story was republished this morning on the Huffington Post and was titled “Conservative Insurgency Topples Missouri Synod President.” Your editor was quoted toward the end of the story.

Your editor, and even better yet, BJS itself was cited in the article a few weeks ago that forcused on the nomination totals. It was titled “Tea Party Insurgence Ripples Through Missouri Synod Election.”

The Huffington Post is most likely interested in all of this because they like to document and track the activity of conservatism. We are interested in President Harrison’s victory because of our desire to promote the pure teaching of the Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions.

About Pastor Tim Rossow

Rev. Dr. Timothy Rossow is the Director of Development for Lutherans in Africa. He served Bethany Lutheran Church in Naperville, IL as the Sr. Pastor for 22 years (1994-2016) and was Sr. Pastor of Emmanuel Lutheran in Dearborn, MI prior to that. He is the founder of Brothers of John the Steadfast but handed off the Sr. Editor position to Rev. Joshua Scheer in 2015. He currently resides in Ocean Shores WA with his wife Phyllis. He regularly teaches in Africa. He also paints watercolors, reads philosophy and golfs. He is currently represented in two art galleries in the Pacific Northwest. His M Div is from Concordia, St. Louis and he has an MA in philosophy from St. Louis University and a D Min from Concordia, Fort Wayne.


Harrison Election Makes it Onto the Huffington Post, by Pr. Rossow — 27 Comments

  1. From Recent Religious News Service of Tuesday:

    “Speaking of Tea Parties, the anti-establishment insurgency that could give Republicans control of Congress also ousted the president of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod; incumbent Gerald Kieschnick was depicted as a power-hungry megachurch wannabe, and delegates elected the church’s disaster response chief in his place.”

    Nice, eh? You’d think Huffington could be a bit original, wouldn’t you?

    Johannes (bring on the tea!)

  2. I guess I can add Tea to my list of Lutheran Beverages. Works for me!

    Johannes (milk or sugar?)

  3. @Johannes #6
    Let the secular world have their “tea party”; as for me and my household, we’re joining the beer and cigar party. Our motto: If your not a Lutheran when you arrive, you will be when you depart – a happy, forgiven Lutheran!

  4. Behhhh! The peanut gallery thought we are just as derpy and religio-political as the Evangelicals.

    “Conservative” in LCMS means traditional worship, not politics. If anything, we voted out a Texan who is conservative politically but theologically moderate.

  5. An illuminating set of comments. I could see how the LCMS would be preceived as sexist by someone who doesn’t understand why the OHM wasn’t given to women, but racist? That’s just knee-jerk ignorant. Another commenter said a pastor preached that only elders, teachers, and pastors were to read the Bible.

    Trying to avoid feeding trolls. 🙂

  6. In addition to his article’s title (which he may not have selected), Townsend exposed his liberal bias when he stated:

    Harrison’s victory represents a larger ideological change for the 2.5 million-member conservative denomination, which is split between moderate and conservative camps.

    ‘Us1st and other theologically liberal groups in the Missouri Synod should not be ceded the description of “moderate” by confessional Lutherans.

  7. Okay, I’m having a tough time keeping up with what I actually am.
    I am, today-
    -an “insurgent”
    -a “party member”
    -a member of a “movement”
    -a “confessional” (like evangelical, our word confessional was hijacked, it’s what they refer to us as, we adopted it like those before us, adopted Christian)
    -a “tea party” member of sorts.

    All righty then, “I am what I am”, says Popeye (I like spinach, but the spinach doesn’t make me, lol).
    The one in the list above, I have no issue with is insurgent. Am I, you bet, when it comes to the Solas & Doctrine being compromised, yes I am, an insurgent when the Solas & Confessions of Lutheran Doctrine are dismissed, derided or compromised.
    “Confessional” was once a wonderful word, it was GIVEN/GIFTED to us by those who chose to lable me, as troublemaker, I’ll take that one too, I am confessional, as was Luther, & the LCMS founding fathers. The rest, that’s poetic or cultural relevant license.

    Insurgent, a rebel not recognized as belligerent. Yeah, I’ll be happy to take that one.
    Definition changes ideas of that word, do they not? I seem to remember a monk, who was an insurgent w/in the Roman Catholic church. I remember 12 men, those all who followed them, who all followed the Son of the Living God, last for best folks. Insurgent, interesting term to use. I’m proud to wear that one.
    Rome & it’s procurators, the Saducees, Pharisees, Scribes, and gentile populations, once said so too. I guess we now stand in excellent company folks. lol

  8. @Carl Vehse #11

    ‘Us1st and other theologically liberal groups in the Missouri Synod should not be ceded the description of “moderate” by confessional Lutherans.”

    Thanks for voicing something that has always bothered me. That group is not moderate in any sense of the word. It surely wasn’t moderation to walk out of the sem, disrupt the convention with nasty demonstrations, and walk out of the synod. Nor is it moderate to support ordination of women and homosexuals, open communion, and to view scripture as just another book.

    ‘Nuff said. Thank you.


  9. Carl & Johannes,
    Moderate definitions according to Merriam-Webster:

    3-proffesing or characterized by political or social beliefs that are not extreme. When has the Word of God or it’s applications not been extreme to the world or when has Christ mandated we not be viewed as such, HE promised we would be?!

    4-limited in scope or effect, again when has the world not been limited in it’s scope or effect of Christ?!

    5-not expensive, resonable or low in price. Hello?! When was His Bride the Church, not been expensive, let alone low in price-ie bargin basement? I would like to think He is better than that one.

    His Bride came at great cost, as did each of us, within Her.
    He paid w/His Life. The Great I am, came, sought & bought Her & me. I’m no bargin basement item, nor is She, His Bride, the Church.
    We are either for Him or against Him, why? BECAUSE OUR LORD SAID SO.

    This exposes an ignorace here, if you don’t know the definitions, all of them, when you use a term, don’t use it. What error lies in misuse of worldly terms, let alone, theological ones!

    Or do, the errors of men, make Our Lord & Savior shine to those who do know what these terms mean! It is courage to those who do!
    Kyrie Eleison

  10. Congratulations, Pastor, for your witness – and leadership – to the world, through the Huffington Post, not to mention the St. Louis Post. It’s too bad your final sentence – below – did not make it into the article, aside from being hinted at. That’s what it’s all about!

    “We are interested in President Harrison’s victory because of our desire to promote the pure teaching of the Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions.”

  11. Pastor Harrison winning is great for all confessional Lutherans, including us that are in the WELS/ELS!

  12. Anyone else wonder where the irony-police are when a group that professes the “celebration” of “diversity” throws a rod because we don’t agree w/ their theology? (If nothing else they should be glad that the defeat of the homogenizing trend in worship styles has the potential to preserve an historically and anthropologically interesting sub-group of 16th Century Christians to be studied.)
    The fact is, if they studied the issues and practices that separate Confessionals from neo-Phillipists in the LC-MS today I’d be surprised if they gave Dr. K much of an endorsement. They are just reacting to labels. When the doctor hits my knee cap w/ the little rubber hammer, my lower leg jerks, when the Huffington Post folks hear the word “conservative” something very similar happens in their brains.
    Still a little giddy,
    -Matt Mills

  13. @Dennis Peskey #8

    The great thing about the “beer and cigar party” is that they have united with the “scotch and cigar party” so now there are even more of us. I wonder how many members we have compared to the “tea party?” 🙂

  14. @Jim Pierce #18
    The best thing about a beer/scotch and cigar party is no counters allowed, no critical moments – only points of reflection and deep thought and the only ablaze permitted occurs at the end of the cigar. We welcome confessionals, moderates, clergy, laity, men and women, lutherans, calvanists – even romanists. All that is required is to support whatever you propose with Holy Scripture and the Confessions – anything else is anathema.

  15. There are more than a few people interested in what we are doing that are not Lutheran. Today in St Louis on our talk radio, the DJ planned a discussion on the refusal to allow women to be elders or pastors in certain churches and he obviously wanted to stir up trouble. I say if you are not a member of the family, don’t tell the family how to run their household. Go to your own home and do your own thing but don’t tell us what we should be doing. Interesting observation……….every mainline denomination that has added women to their pastoral roles has gone ultra liberal and caused church splits. Why? Because many of the single women “pastors” are gay and the church has to go liberal to accommodate them.

    Could we have a red wine and cheese party as well?

  16. In my taste I prefer school house red and domestic gouda..that is my favorite. Once again all about rights and not what the Bible reads.

  17. @ Johannes

    “Us1st” supports the ordination of homosexuals? That’s news.

    Theologically liberal, to me, often contains elements of the following:

    1. Denial of the Scriptures as the inspired, inerrant Word of God
    2. Denial of the Real Presence of Christ in the Supper and the rengenerating power of baptism
    3. Approval of homosexual practice
    4. Denial that Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf and his resurrection are the only hope for the forgiveness of our sins, life, and salvation.

    Until you can prove with evidence that people like Jesus First believe in this sort of stuff I am going to be skeptical. I am not a Jesus First sympathizer, but this is what many of us in the LC-MS are tired of: unsubstantiated claims treated as fact by both you guys and the Jesus First characters.

  18. @Carol Rutz #9
    May I respectfully nit pick-

    “Conservative” in LC-MS means traditional worship, not politics.”

    Not so much “traditional worship” as “confessional adherence”. They certainly can affect each other, such as synergistic, or anthropocentric lyrics in a lot of protestant/non-denominational music. (Not to mention altar calls!) But it’s the Biblical teaching that matters. One could have very traditional liturgy and be bad off theologically. (I won’t mention any religious body in particular but their name starts with “A” and ends with “lican”.

  19. @John Z #22
    John Z,

    I don’t think Johannes was attributing the desire to ordain homosexual pastors specifically to Jesus First. I think that was one example of things which can be attributed to those who are theologically liberal but are called moderate.

  20. @John Z #22
    “Us1st” supports the ordination of homosexuals? That’s news.

    I didn’t do a very good job of expressing myself. I should have differentiated my last sentence beginning, “Nor is it moderate…” It should have been a separate paragraph. I did not mean to characterize “Us1st” as supporting ordination of homosexuals”. I’m not sure they necessarily support ordination of women, either. That’s a Daystar position, as I recall.

    Please excuse my careless and misleading statement. Thanks for calling it to my attention.

    @Scott Diekmann #24
    Scott–Thanks for reading my mind. And explaining things better than I did.


  21. Scott Diekmann :
    John Z,
    Take a look at Dr. Holgger Sonntag’s review of Daystar’s book A Daystar Reader. It talks about Daystar denying things which are in your numbered list above. My guess is that’s at least partially what Johannes was referring to. The link is: http://www.logia.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=129&catid=39:web-forum&Itemid=76
    Scott Diekmann

    Brilliant review. What is Pr. Sonntag doing in Hiram, Ohio?

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