Great Stuff Found on the Web — Reading through the Small Catechism on the Wittenberg Trail

Found on the MNN Faithful List, from Kari Anderson:

I’d like to invite you to join us on the Wittenberg Trail to study Luther’s Small Catechism. I’ve posted the “Preface” to get us started. Please, if you have friends, relatives, Lutherans or people that may wonder what Lutherans believe, teach, and confess. Ask them to join us.

Kari has been posting portions from the Book of Concord on the Wittenberg Trail since May of last year. She started at the three creeds and has read linearly through it, posting a new section approximately every week. People chime in with questions or discussions. Join them as they start another section of the Book of Concord.

This fits right in with BJS’s goal of getting people reading through the Book of Concord and learning more about the Confessions of the Lutheran Church. If you can’t join Kari on the Trail, be sure to purchase a Readers Edition copy or follow the on-line daily readings (sign up for the google group or follow them by twitter)

For the current posting on the Wittenberg Trail, click here.

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