Proposed Resolutions: Committee 2, District and Congregational Services (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

In this series of articles, I am looking at the 106 proposed resolutions put forward by the eight floor committees, as found in “Today’s Business.”

This column considers the resolutions proposed by Floor Committee 2, on District and Congregational Services:


2-01: To Continue to Support Children’s Ministry, Family Ministry, School Ministry, Singles Ministry, Stewardship Ministry, and Youth Ministry

This is almost literally a “Mom and Apple Pie” resolution! Who could be against it? Should pass in 30 seconds or less.

2-02: To Assist Congregations and Support Workers in Planning and Implementing “Reduction in Force” Policies

With many institutions downsizing and laying off workers, sometimes our church workers are impacted negatively. Having a RIF policy may help.

2-03: To Appoint Commission to Study Congregational Size, Generations, and Life-Stage Ministries

This one strikes me as goofy and unnecessary. We don’t need a president’s commission on church size. I wonder, and am wary of, what is envisioned to be done with a Blue Ribbon Commission on Really Big Churches (BRCRBC).

2-04: To Encourage Daily Devotions for Individuals and Families

This is one of the best resolutions in the book! Yes, CPH has been turning out some very helpful resources for the devotional life of our people. I heartily endorse this resolution!

2-05: To Commend Theses on Worship and Model Theological Conference on the Theology of Worship

I’m sorry, I can’t support this one. From what I know of the “Theses on Worship,” they fall short of saying enough on the subject and don’t emphasize what needs to be emphasized. Maybe someone can convince me otherwise.

2-06: To Encourage Study of the Lutheran Confessions During Reformation Celebration

Excellent resolution! Would that more of our congregations were engaged in “regular ongoing studies of the Book of Concord”!

2-07: Compensation for Professional Church Workers

I know too many church workers, pastors and teachers, who are woefully underpaid, their salaries nowhere near the district guidelines. I am strongly in favor of this resolution.

2-08: To Respectfully Decline Overtures

The floor committee chose to decline Ovs. 2-17, -18, -19, and -20 from the Convention Workbook (pp. 160-161), all of which commend the outstanding program “Issues, Etc.” But I say we should commend “Issues,” and so I would like to see one or more of these overtures brought forward and passed. (BTW, in the interest of disclosure, I should mention that I wrote Ov. 2-19.)

Next up: Committee 3, Theology and Church Relations.

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