Great Stuff Found on the Web — The Key to the Successes of the Missouri Synod

And I couldn’t post that one without posting his previous post. If any of you aren’t following his blog in your RSS reader you are missing out on lots of great stuff. This one from CPH’s recent release of Walther’s Law and Gospel, an important part of any home library, in addition to the Essential Lutheran Library. Read what Pastor Paul McCain has to say about the new edition of Law and Gospel here.

The Key to the Successes of the Missouri Synod

The longer you preach to your people in the way [Scripture describes above], the more they will praise God for giving them such a pastor. If you should comb through all of church history – trust me on this – you will see that, despite its weaknesses and its defects, there are few church bodies that have seen the successes that our synod has. That is not because of our cleverness. It is not because of our hard work. It is not because of our self-denial. No, the true reason is that we have preached the genuine Gospel to the people.

C.F.W. Walther
Law and Gospel p. 458


Walther on Reviving Congregations

If you want to revive your future congregations and cause the Spirit of peace, joy, faith, and confidence, a childlike spirit, and a restful Spirit to take up residence among the members of your congregation, do not, for God’s sake, use the Law to bring that about. Even if you find your congregation to be in the worst condition imaginable, you must indeed preach the Law to them. But follow it up immediately with the Gospel. Do not give the Law to them today and then postpone preaching the Gospel to them until a later date. As soon as the Law has done its work the Gospel must take its place.

C.F.W. Walther
Law and Gospel, p. 434



Found on Pastor Matthew Harrison’s blog here and here.


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