The Huge Price of District Bureaucracy

Reclaim News published an alarming analysis of the cost of district offices in the LCMS. The Blue Ribbon Task Force has focused primarily on the restructuring of the synod office. Maybe they are looking in the wrong place for cost savings. Here is a part of the post from Reclaim News list e-mail this morning.


Are LCMS Delegates Concerned about Future of LCMS?

Question: Why didn’t 32 of the 2010 LCMS seminary graduates receive a call to LCMS congregations?

Answer: There aren’t enough churches.

Question: Why aren’t there enough churches?

Answer:   The LCMS hasn’t increased in the number of churches for over ten years no matter what is says about Ablaze!

Question: Why do 35 LCMS district offices consume $50,000,000 a year in administrative costs?

Answer: They have more than 700 employees with benefits like pensions, healthcare, etc, including building costs, travel expenses, and debt service.

Question: Why don’t the delegates close down the district offices and open more churches?

Answer: The delegates are handpicked by the clergy to preserve the high-priced, profligate, money-consuming LCMS district aristocracy.

Question: Why hasn’t the $56,000,000 for Ablaze! increased the number of churches?

Answer:   Support of the district offices and their staff are considered mission work.

Question: How much of the $56,000,000 was used for administrative expenses?

Answer: The laymen will never find out because they don’t have a detailed report of where the $56,000,000 went.



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