On the benefits of working together

I was reading this nice little piece about how Michigan’s first Black LCMS congregation was started:

In 1930, a group of black families meeting in their homes formed Michigan’s first black Lutheran church for the small number of black families who missed their Lutheran roots in the South.

They held rotating church services in their homes to form St. Philip’s Lutheran Church. The parish, first recognized as a mission church, shared a pastor with a church in Windsor, Ontario.

It reminded me of this lecture I heard in Baltimore this past fall. Rev. Matthew C. Harrison discussed an early LCMS president — Wyneken — and much of the discussion went into how our earlier Lutheran brethren worked to get pastors out in the field wherever they were needed.

I love how confessional Lutherans are spread worldwide and growing every day. Let’s continue to work together to send pastors to our far-flung Lutheran brethren as well as to people who have not yet had the opportunity to hear the clear proclamation of the Gospel.

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