BJS Conference Schedule

The annual BJS Conference kicks off tomorrow afternoon at 4 PM with our welcome reception. We have had a few calls about the schedule and so we are reprinting it here. It looks like we will have over 100 registrants, which is up 20% from last year. They are coming from New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, Minnesota, Missouri, and all sorts of other states. If you couldn’t make it this year, start making plans to join our growing group next year for the second weekend in February. We also hope to have some mini-conferences around the country, so we may be coming to you.

Here is the schedule: (for future reference, items like this are archived on the “Regular Columns” page under “BJS Newsreel.”)

Friday, February 12

4 PM                             Welcome Reception

4:30 PM                   Session 1: Klemet Preus

6:00 PM                   Dinner

7:15  PM                   Vespers (Preacher: Pr. Tony Sikora; Organist: Phillip Magness)

 8:30 PM                   “No Pietists Allowed” Parties (wine tasting, chocolate tasting, Irish pub, and more)

 Saturday, February 13

8:00 AM                   “A Man’s Breakfast”  (Hosted by Pastor Rossow and the Bethany – Naperville BJS Chapter)

9:00 AM                   Session 2: Mollie Ziegler Hemingway

10:15 AM               Break

10:45 AM               Session 3: Todd Wilken

12:00                             Lunch (Sisters of Katie Luther organizational meeting and lunch in the multi-purpose room)

1:30 PM                   Divine Service  (Preacher: DP Herb Mueller; Organist: Phillip Magness)

2:45 PM                   Dismissal

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