Another Way to Order Matt Harrison’s Book of Joy, by Pr. Rossow

Here is an ad I just received via e-mail from the Indiana District Concordia bookstore.   If you haven’t ordered Harrison’s book of joy yet, here is a good way to do so.

Even though we are one state removed (Illinois), our parish has  always found the Indiana District bookstore to proviode great prices and excellent service. You may want to give them a try.

“So many churches, so many pastors and Christians have so little joy today,” my friend observed.   “These are difficult times.”   Matthew Harrison shares his quest for the secret of living a Good News Life in a bad news world.

Item #    6-3  

Price      $7.99

Now in stock at the Church Resource and Supply Center.   For more information or to order:

Phone:   1-800-837-1145   ext. 2      

Email:       [email protected]


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