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The LCMS held a big worship conference in St. Louis this week. For those interested, Dan at Necessary Roughness has posted some of his notes from the first lectures. For instance:

Dr. Jeff Gibbs, professor of Exegetical Theology at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, held the first presentation in the gym, so I couldn’t post snippets on Twitter. His presentation, “Worship that is Scriptural and Confessional,” was golden. If the audio is made publicly available, it will be worth your time to download and listen to it. Because I couldn’t Twitter his points, here are some notes:

  • Theology is like the first shingle of a house: if it is allowed to be off even a little bit at the beginning, the row of shingles will be completely messed up down the road.
  • Christianity is not an escapist religion. Just dying and going to heaven is not the complete story. We also have the resurrection of the body. Death is a separation of body and soul as judgment of the sin still in it. Jesus begins the new creation in his own body. Worship is a piece of God’s story for all creation.
  • Corporate worship is inevitably shaped by tradition because our God is the God of history. Corporate worship began in the gap of Scripture between Malachi and Matthew. God did not demand weekly worship, but God used and uses that tradition to build the church.


Worship Conference — 3 Comments

  1. Wish I knew whether this conference was an incremental sellout of historic liturgical worship and theology or a reaffirmation of the same. I suppose this will be read as a comment enmeshed in an attitude that is extremely negative and suspicious. I guess I have learned my lessons well.

  2. Dan has done us all a great service with his “fair and balanced” reporting. These reports ought to be required reading of all of us. After the recent bruhaha (spell it anyway you like) over CW on this site, it’s important that we deal honestly and fairly with the issue. From what I’ve read of Dan’s postings so far, it’s clear, as he said, that the conference wasn’t going to solve the problem. I’m looking forward to the rest of his report: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
    It should be clear that many in the LCMS do not understand worship. There are pastors who have bought into many of the current worship myths, and I’ve overheard some openly dismissive of the courses in worship they had at the Sem–“all this bowing and scraping”, etc. And the laity, who have been so inundated with so-called Christian radio and TV, have bought into the same paradigms.
    Elnathan, I undertand your somewhat jaundiced view. Let’s all wait and see what else Dan tells us, and go from there. He may be a voice crying in the wilderness, but in my experience his voice is worthy of our attention.

    Johannes, the Dry

  3. Indeed, Johannes — Dan will give us the straight scoop. For a Buckeye, he ain’t too bad! ;^D

    I still need to check in to see what Weedon & Magness have to say, and of course I’m following the nascent discussions over at ALPB, but nobody will give the scoop any straighter than Dan…

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