What am I Doing Here? by Suzanne Zobel

What am I doing here? Now that’s a question I’ve been reflecting on these initial days of this new position!   I’m sure many others are also wondering what will be happening now that BJS has an Associate Director.   Rev. Rossow has mentioned challenges such as helping to fulfill BJS’s original goals regarding the Confessions, liturgy, vocation and new Lutheran media.  So what does that mean and where does that start?

During my meetings and conversations with the Executive Director, several initials targets have been established and many ideas have been shared.   Actually, enough ideas have been shared to keep BJS (and SKL) active and moving forward for many, many years!   I’m sure many members and chapters also have ideas to share.   So that’s where it will begin:

During the next couple months (as quickly as possible), I will be establishing contact with each BJS chapter to listen to how things are going, how we can serve and support you better, and what ideas you have for carrying forward the purposes of BJS.   While communication with chapters is proceeding, communication with each member will occur for the same reasons – we want to hear from you!   When possible this communication will be face-to-face or by phone; email will be the back-up method.

Additional immediate tasks include helping to facilitate the adoption and implementation of the constitution and new Board of Directors, the development of new member and chapter recruitment strategies, and the launch of Sisters of Katie Luther (more on that in my next entry).

Expanding the membership and work of BJS (and SKL) will continue to build on the strengths already evident:   the great reception and use made of the website, our faithful members and chapters, the Quarterly, and annual conference event.   We hope to step forward in additional directions, such as regional seminars and events, better and more frequent service to/contact with our members, a regular newsletter between Quarterly issues, planning and developing our own Lutheran media, developing specific projects for chapters and members to adopt, increasing learning resources, and expanding our international presence.

Ambitious?   Yes.   Possible?   With God’s help and guidance.   Your participation? Let me know.   We need your input, reactions, ideas, and support.   Please feel free to share with us here or via email.

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