More information on Haiti relief efforts

In the YouTube video that is on the front page of the site, President Kieschnick mentioned that he himself had hoped to go to Haiti but it was too dangerous for him to go.

President Kieschnick had hoped to join the LCMS World Relief and Human Care team on its trip but has postponed his trip. What’s not apparent from the video, but I’m sure you’ll want to know, is that the LCMS World Relief and Human Care team (the “other people” mentioned in the video) is still headed to Haiti. President Kieschnick is right in noting that it’s dangerous there. Let’s all pray for the safety of LCMS World Relief and Human Care executive director Matt Harrison as well as Matt’s team on the ground as they work to help our fellow Lutherans in Haiti as well as everyone else in need of mercy. And we pray that conditions may improve there so that President Kieschnick may go and visit as well.

While people in Synod may disagree on many things, we all can be thankful for the work of our World Relief and Human Care board. USA Today mentions the LCMS mercy arm here.

As always, you can contribute funds to LCMS World Relief and Human Care early and often at this link.

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