Encouragement to Hold on to the Truth by an ELCA Member Making His Way Back to Missouri

Editor’s Note: Here is a comment that was added early this morning to a post from last August.

December 2nd, 2009 at 00:34 | #61
I was baptized and confirmed in the LC-MS. We left. Years ago our AELC church and others were assured the LCA liberals would not out vote the moderates of the AELC and ALC. BUT IT HAPPENED! I am shocked and appaled (as well as embaressed). I surmize I will return to the LC-MS sooner than later. Sin is sin and calling it natural or normal or alternative does NOT change that. I still love the LUTHERAN CHURCH-MISSOURI SYNOD! I remember some from the Lutheran Church in America refering to the LCMS as “the big bad Missouri Synod.” Keep holding on to the Truth. I’ve visited my old church over the years and Immanuel Lutheran is sorta like going home. Probably home again. (James Mott)

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