Must read on the sale of KFUO-FM

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s ace religion reporter Tim Townsend has a fascinating column on the sale of KFUO-FM. Headlined “Evangelism at the heart of KFUO-FM sale,” the piece looks at what the sale means for the buyer of the station. Here’s a brief sample:

But for now, Joy FM is just jumping for joy about the possibilities of using a powerful radio signal to fulfill its evangelical mission, and it’s busy asking listeners for $18 million.

“This ministry will reach a population of 2.7 million people,” Brown wrote. “Hundreds of thousands of listeners will be ‘seek’ing on the radio dial. Hurting people. Lost people. Discouraged people. People in need of Jesus. And we can make sure they hear about HIM!”

Oh the irony. As one of the Board for Communication Services members who felt that KFUO-FM could be saved if it would fix it’s horrible (and I do mean horrible) management problems and work on some programming issues, it pains me to read this. I mean, the LCMS leadership didn’t know what an asset they had. And it certainly wasn’t used to advance the mission of the church. More on this, again, later.


Must read on the sale of KFUO-FM — 6 Comments

  1. What is truly remarkable to me is that the current Board for Communication Services is still unable to fix the management problems. Or, perhaps it’s not that they are unable, but unwilling. Had they fixed those problems, Classic 99 may not have been sold.


  2. It looks like Tim Townsend swallowed synod’s press release hook line and sinker:

    The more I think about this, the worse it gets.

    I’m thinking about what will happen at the remnant station, the AM band. Will they be expected to root for the success of this transaction? I’d think so. Otherwise, they won’t be “‘team players,; building up fellow Christians.” Uh-huh….

    What if Joy fails? The AM side’s employer doesn’t get paid. It’s a total absurdity: Lutheran Radio will be beholden to Joy because Joy owes the Synod money!

    KFUO AM used to compete with Joy – in a gentle type of competition – trying to get the Word out, *straight*. Now, will LCMS members, much less the AM station, be told, “Get on the Joy bandwagon!! Big money is at stake!” ??

    The evangelical community in St. Louis will be all over this powerful station including Synod’s large contemporary parishes. Can you hear it now? Paid underwriting announcements promoting Joyce Meyer Ministries on Joy FM. Joy will accept them, and the proceeds will be funnelled back to the LCM$. Talk about synchronism…it’s like money laundering for Synod, Inc.

  3. So, if it’s going to reach a 2.7-million population, can we work on the assumption that 10% aren’t in a personal relationship with Jesus? Just think…this sale could add about 270,000 people to the Ablaze!â„¢ counter!

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