New Confessions Reading Groups Added in Bolingbrook, IL, Steger IL, and in Chico, CA, by Pr. Rossow

We are happy to announce the addition of three more confessions study groups, one in California for pastors and two in Illinois for local congregations. The new clergy group is #3 on the list and the two new congregation groups are #’s 25 and 26. To see the entire list click here. (It is found on the “Confessional Growth” page of the website.)


While the Ablaze ticker is counting evangelism encounters, we here at BJS will be counting confessions reading groups. Each time someone reports to us an existing or a new confessions reading group we will add to the ticker.


Number of Confessional Groups Counted as of June 12, 2008




The “ticker” is on the way up!


Number of Confessional Groups Counted as of September 9, 2009



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