“Lutheran CORE” Group of ELCA Congregations Renounce the Sexuality Vote, by Pr. Rossow

A group of congregations in the ELCA called Lutheran Core have renounced the recent decision of the ELCA to allow gay marriage and gay clergy. Click here  for the pdf file of their press release. They will be meeting in Indianapolis on September 25-26 to discuss their next steps. They are already recommending that CORE congregations cease giving offerings to the ELCA.

Confessional Lutherans should not get too excited about this group and their work however since they deny the inerrancy of the Bible. We are glad they are going to battle against  the ELCA but until they commit to the complete truth of the Scriptures they are only shooting blanks. For instance, the congregation that is hosting their conference next month has a woman pastor, contemporary worship and contemplative prayer.

Lutheranism is getting shook up. What will it look like in another generation? We may need a realignment of Lutherans in order to establish a truly confessional, liturgical, Biblical synod. Certainly there are some ELCA congregations that would fit this bill? There are certainly numerous WELS, ELS, LCMS and congregations from other small Lutheran bodies that  would qualify. For now, we hope that the LCMS will gain strength and faithfulness by a change at the top with the election of Matt Harrison. In the meantime the Brothers of John need to remain steadfast in the face of this disturbing news from the ELCA and also pray that the Lord use the “Lutheran CORE” group for the cause of confessional Lutheranism and that this group  would see the importance of returning to the core belief in the inerrancy of the Word.

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