Sr. Editor from CPH has a Word on the New Study Bible for the Brothers of John the Steadfast

(Editor’s Note: We thank Rev. Engelbrecht for taking the time to comment on our site.   He posted this comment on our story from last week.)

Dear readers at John The Steadfast,


Greetings in Christ. The videos are just one way to get info out to folks interested in the new Study Bible. There is much more thorough and detailed information without guitar music at:


In the larger print edition, the margins are narrower since more of the page is needed to accomodate the larger typeface. That makes it very difficult to cut into the margin for placing thumbtabs. Making the margins larger was not a good option because the volume was getting quite heavy and also printers have standard page sizes/configurations that drive the price up as you go up in size. Thumbtabs are great but paying more for the tabs, the configuration, the extra paper, and the binding material would have driven the price up substantially on all the larger print volumes.


If you have specific questions about TLSB, other than “What is the note on X verse?,” you can reach me on the TLSB Facebook page or my blog:


In Christ,

Rev. Edward A. Engelbrecht, STM

Senior Editor for Professional and Academic Books and General Editor for The Lutheran Study Bible

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