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One of my dearest friends and her husband lost their baby this week. I’m wondering if anyone has any particularly good resources for people who have suffered miscarriages.


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  1. The only one my wife knows of is, MEND. Don’t have the site though. It is “Christian” site, but we didn’t use it, so check out carefully before you pass it on. Don’t forget about Dad. He is hurting too & worried for his wife. Do hope this helps.

  2. I once received a note similar to the following which could well prove helpful in such a situation. “(The child of …/Name of child) was delivered on (Date) after having been previously received into heaven and Jesus’ waiting arms.” I thought it was a comforting way to make the announcement of a stillborn/miscarried child.

  3. They need a pastor to speak with them face to face. A Pastor myself, I was only comforted when my Circuit Counselor insisted that we meet with him and hear God’s word to us. We had been married three years and had a two year old. We had know idea how deep the hurt went. If he had “let us deal with it” in our own way and own time, I can only imagine how long we would have struggled and hurt each other. As it was, I have never struggled so hard in ministry and my wife said she had never felt so alone. I now insist, that I meet with my members who have had a miscarriage, because the medical community and even parents (like myself) want to minimize the loss. Go to someone you trust to speak of life and love amid loss.

  4. One of my blogs contains details about my two miscarriages (linked to my name). I found that connecting to others with similar experiences helped a lot. To be honest, I didn’t really seek out a particular book or resource about dealing with loss. Having the simple acknowledgment of the loss of a human being goes a long way.

  5. I have not come across much by the way of printed materials or such, but in my work with the local pregnancy center, we realized that we were missing a huge opportunity to help hurting hearts by limiting the one segment of our counseling only to post-abortive women. Much of the grief counseling that accompanies such counseling is also appropriate for dealing with the grief of a miscarriage – especially the grief caused by the “what if I had done …” thoughts. Just as the post-abortive counseling leads women to give up (though the redeeming Blood of Jesus) the guilt of their decision, so can this counseling help lead mothers (and fathers) to give up the guilt of what they think they could have done to prevent the miscarriage.

    My prayers go out for your friend and her husband.

    The PPPadre

  6. One of the biggest lies the world tells couples who miscarry is that “you’ll get over it”. My wife and I just miscarried 3 months ago, and it is as raw as the day it happened. We love you, and even though this post is from ’09, I’m sure the pain is still there. I just started a blog danmaske.blogspot.com and even though I’m an amateur at all this, I’d love to help in any way I can.

    We love you.

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