The Steering Committee Requests Your Comments on the Proposed BJS Constitution

The Steering Committee of the Brothers of John the Steadfast has worked hard in the last few months to develop a constitution for the group. We would like input on the constsitution from our 250 members from around the world and also from any of our other readers. We think it is a good  document but it won’t hurt to have a few thousand more eyes take a look at it. If you have any comments or suggestions just enter them in the comment section below and we will take them into consideration. (Click here to see the constitution.)

We are  looking forward to the  next era this constitution will usher in for BJS. To this point we have been led by a steering group of about 15 folks. (Official votes when required by law  have been  made by the  three member board of directors described in the Articles of Incorporation.) Once we have processed the comments over the next week or so we will make plans to elect the new, larger board and officers as described in the constitution. We will probably conduct those elections via the website so that we can get as many votes as possible.

We thank Steering Committee member and Brother of John the Steadfast James Neiswonger for writing the template that became the proposed constitution after much editing by the group.

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