What is the Synod’s position on baptismal regeneration? by Mollie

President Kieschnick’s most recent letter to pastors includes this request:

What is the Synod’s position on .

It is not at all unusual for me to be asked the Synod’s position on . and name your topic-cloning, admission to the Lord’s Supper, gambling, etc., etc., etc. To help answer such questions in an official way, the Office of the President is preparing a booklet that will cite the Synod’s position regarding these matters of faith and life as determined from Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions.

To make this resource as helpful to you as possible, I invite you to write to me and tell me if there are any particular matters of doctrine, practice, theology, or ethics, that you would like to see included in such a document. Careful consideration will be given to your suggestions. While in some cases the Synod has not specifically or formally addressed certain issues in official doctrinal statements or resolutions, the Commission on Theology and Church Relations has provided opinions and developed resources addressing such topics, which will also be referenced in this resource. You can write to me at the International Center or send me an e-mail ([email protected]). Thank you for your assistance! I believe this resource will be helpful to our Synod’s walking together.

I think such a resource would be very helpful. If we could get, say, a pamphlet on the topic I mentioned in the headline, I can think of some people who could use that!

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