Quick Note on the Trademark Issue and Acolyting, by Pastor Rossow

I had an interesting surprise this morning as I was greeting members coming through the line after service. One of our members mentioned to me that she is a  trademark paralegal.  She said that she had checked out the BJS website the other day and was fascinated by the trademark story.

We did not have long to chat and she qualified her comments by saying that she had not done a thorough investigation but from what she saw, she drew the same conclusion that we have all drawn: the LCMS Board of Directors had no leverage whatsoever in trying to “negotiate” with Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwarz. I hope to chat with her some more. It will be a great chance for pastor and parishoner to get know each other better. Another shining example of BJS and Issues, Etc. bringing people together 🙂 .

On a related note, her high school age son is a senior member of our St. Andrew’s Society (acolytes). He has been acolyting for us since seventh grade. He and another of our high school acolytes served at our middle service this morning. I am six foot tall and each of them is over 6’2″. I found my pride swelling as a very proud pastor and spiritual father of these two young men as I followed them into the middle of  the sanctuary for our Gospel procession. (We process the Gospel each Lord’s Day during the festival seasons.) What a wonderful site to see these two young and tall men carrying the cross  and  Word of Christ into the midst of God’s people. We have a very active St. Andrew’s society with numerous senior and junior  high members serving the  Lord and  his Gospel at Bethany,  Naperville. (Click here and page down to see some of them at work at the BJS national gathering.)

Getting back to the trademark issue, we still have not heard from the Board of Directors on the matter. President Kieschnick promised weeks ago that a statement from them was imminent. (Click here for more on this.) The longer we go without a statement from the Board the more and more President Kieschnick’s memo looks it was written more for political expediency than it was written to accurately reflect the will of the Board on which  he and First Vice President Diekleman serve. I guess we will just have to patiently  keep waiting for an apology from them, all the while getting little surprises like I got today at church, verifying how ungodly it was for the Board to try to leverage thin air.

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