Seminary problems widespread — 5 Comments

  1. Interesting comment:

    Roman Catholicism requires priesthood candidates to live among fellow seminarians for spiritual formation. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America requires at least a year in residence at a Lutheran seminary. “Often a key factor in our colleagues who run into trouble is lack of a support network or a sense of accountability to peers,” says Michael Cooper-White, president of Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, Pa.

    Seems that others are finding that distance learning doesn’t work well .. that you need to live among your peers and gain accountability to them. What does that say about the direction that LCMS, Inc is taking regarding pastoral training?

  2. CTS Fort Wayne has kept its nose clean financially under the current administration and only has started its library project when the finances were well supported.

    CLTS in St. Catharines, Ontario could also use help.

  3. The fact we’re spending $100M on a business campaign that’s showing poor or marginal results instead of supporting a seminary system that feeds the sheep of the Synod is maddening.

    The increasing cost of seminary education is undoubtedly turning potentially great pastors, evangelists, and missionaries away. While I’m not saying make it free, I’m saying pastors shouldn’t have to choose between focusing on feeding the sheep, feeding their family, or feeding the bank loan.

  4. The people are sending Tea bags to the whitehouse. what can we do to wake up our synod..send ABLASE paper money?? It’s getting harder to find a grandfathers church more everyday. PK’S silence needs to be broken. The young men who will be taught in thier own churches, I understand are also chosen. They need to be called and ordained.

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