Second Edition of Pless/Harrison Book on Women’s Ordination Published

John Pless, professor from Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne has alerted us to the publication of a second edition of “Women Pastors, The Ordination of Women in Biblical Lutheran Perspective” by Concordia Publishing House. The second edition includes new articles by Professor John Kleinig and Dr. Gregory Lockwood.

As described on the CPH website, the book is refreshingly countercultural on the issue of women’s ordination and encourages Christians to listen to the clear voice of Christ and His word to reject this recent innovation.

Pless’ co-editor is Rev. Matt Harrison. As we have stated before on this website, it is good to see Rev. Harrison, tauted by many for the LCMS presidency, demonstrating his fine theological acumen.

Speaking of CPH, we  rejoice in the continued clear confessional direction of our publishing house. Ever since Rev. Paul McCain arrived there nearly a decade ago, CPH has been more clearly living up to its calling as the publisher for a conservative, Bible-believing, liturgical synod. Rev. McCain served as CPH’s interim CEO for years while the board of directors was at logger-heads with President Kieschnick over naming him CEO permanently. We are grateful that CEO Bruce Kintz has continued what Rev. McCain started. Rev. McCain continues on as an editorial executive at CPH. Under McCain’s and Kintz’s leadership CPH has actaully been turning a profit for the last decade.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Rossow

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