Live Comments From the BJS Conference to be Posted Here

Can’t make it to the BJS conference in Naperville, Illinois this weekend? No problem. Starting at 4 PM this afternoon we will have attendees logging in the comment section of this post with their travel stories, comments on the speakers and whatever else they wish to talk about concerning the conference. Who knows, maybe we can even get our speakers, Pastor Wilken and Chris Rosebrough to drop a line here.

We will have a computer station available, open to this page for all the conference goers to make use of. We will also welcome your questions and comments as well.

One of Bethany – Naperville’s sound technicians is a Brother of John the Steadfast and will be attending the conference and recording for us and will, as soon as possible, get the conference presentations and worship on the website.

This post is being archived in our BJS Newsreel column on our Regular Columns page. If you are new to the site you may want to explore it and the other 25 columns archived on that page.


Here is Chris Rosebrough’s first presentation at the conference:


Here is the Vespers service:


Here is the first presentation on Saturday from Chris Rosebrough:


And here is Pastor Todd Wilken’s session 3 of the conference:


And finally, here is the audio from the Divine Service that closed the event. What a joy to end the conference in such a worshipful manner. Pastor Rossow was right when he said after the Vespers service that people don’t know how emotional a fully liturgical confessional service can be. I think his exact words were “Those baptists have nothing on us!”


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