A BJS Visit to the Issues Etc. Studio and a Gift, by Pr. Rossow

A few weeks ago when I attended the Walther Conference I stopped by the Issues Etc. Studio to see the new digs and to get a sense of the place from which the incredibly rich theology and spot on cultural discussion emanates each day.

I was also able to deliver a $750 check to Pastor Wilken and Jeff Schwarz from our congregation Oktoberfest where we had a free will offering for the program. click on the picture for a clearer view. I encourage all of our chapters to schedule an Issues Etc. fundraiser sometime during the year. We also encourage our readers to make use of the Issues button on our website to get updates on the program and to make a contribution.

I was travelling with fellow confessional Lutheran Dan Ford. We got there a few hours before the show was to go on the air but the atmosphere was very relaxed since Jeff already had all of his prep work done. Pastor Wilken was out on some errands and got there a bit later. When he arrived, like Jeff, he was very gracious with his time. Despite the confidence and boldness with which they produce the show, these are a couple of humble and sincere men of God.

I will never forget the first time I heard Todd on the radio. I could not believe what my ears were hearing. It was confessional Lutheranism put into a very winsome, straightforward and interesting manner. I spent some time in Southern California and was  accustomed to other denominations doing this sort of thing and had always yearned for true confessional Lutheranism to get such a hearing.  In the voice of Todd Wilken we have just that.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Click on the top two to see them in more detail. We certainly enjoyed the visit to the studio and we pray to God that he will use you to help support this clear voice of Scriptural truth on the airways and over the internet.

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