Some Good News: Father and Son Pastors Each with a Confessions Reading Group

It is so easy to complain about things, much easier than to promote the positive. We have done our share of pointing out the problems in the LCMS (Concordia professors signing petitions in support of an unrepentant Marxist terrorist, lousy worship practices, a less than fully Lutheran youth gathering sponsored by the Texas district, and of course the grandaddy of them all – the firing of Pastor Wilken and Jeff Scwharz, to name a few). There are also plenty of positives in the LCMS like the pastors Bestul, father and son, each of whom sponsor confessions reading groups, half a country apart from each other.

The father, Dennis Bestul, is pastor of The Lutheran Church of Our Savior in Cuppertino, California (San Francisco Bay area). He has also written for the BJS website. His confessions reading group is #9 on our list. His son Mark is also a pastor, half a country away in the Chicago suburbs and has also started a confessions reading group. His group is now listed as #22 on the list.

We give thanks God to faithful pastors who are promoting the Lutheran Confessions in their congregations and are particulalry moved by this father and son blessing.

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