Wilken responds to the fiction, by Mollie

As mentioned the other day, the October Reporter contains an article titled “Issues, Etc.”

The article reports “an agreement has been reached” between the synodical BOD and Pr. Wilken and Jeff Schwarz over the name “Issues, Etc.”


Pr. Wilken has recorded a short audio response to the article. A short audio response has been posted at iTunes and on the “On-Demand” section of the Issues, Etc. website.


Wilken responds to the fiction, by Mollie — 17 Comments

  1. With the printing of this article in The Reporter—LCMS Inc. has disparaged itself and cast itself in a negative light—by distorting the facts.

  2. Cindy, that’s not a distortion, it’s a lie. And apparently it’s one that they are willing to repeat as this issue has come up before. As someone who is familiar with how corporate culture works I would bet good money that more of the same is to be expected.

  3. I’m also familiar with corporate culture and for the life of me, I can’t figure out what LCMS,Inc., is thinking with this.

    LCMS,Inc mishandled the cessation of IE on an epic scale. The prudent thing to do would be to get their wounded ducks in a row and filed away for such time as they needed to “present” their “side.” But they continue to bring the subject up!

    The firings were sinfully wrong to begin with. Now, it makes absolutely no sense, PR-wise, to continue to broach the subject, and in print, even. (I could not find the story on the web version of Reporter at last look.)

    The cult of $cientology is a current interest of mine. It looks as though LCMS,Inc may be borrowing from one of the dictums of that cult’s originator, L. Ron Hubbard, who said, when faced with critics, his followers should “Never defend, always attack.”

    But even so, the “attacks” of the godless cult of Scientology are meant to shutter their critics into silence. LCMS,Inc’s continued referrals to IE just keep the program — and LCMS,Inc’s corporate sin — in the spotlight!

    The synodicrats’ objective may be this: To attempt to position themselves as still ultimately in control of IE via the name, even though as we saw early on, they forfeited rights to it, some time ago.

    For a program which “nobody listened to, anyway” as we were smugly told earlier this year, IE certainly seems to be taking up way more of Inc’s time than one would expect.

    And in the end, that’s both terribly distracting and more than a little embarrassing.

  4. A nice analysis, A Walther descendant. I suppose one could respect the officials at the Synodical HQ if they had honestly stated their reasons for canceling Issues. Simply be honest & say that sound Lutheran doctrine & practice is no longer welcome in the Synod & be done with it. People might not have liked that answer but it would have garnered the Synodicrats respect for being honest & forthright. The gorilla in the room is still the word “programmatic.”

  5. It’s probably a little more convoluted than that.

    Consider that Pastors of synod are not supposed to address the actions of synod negatively in pulpit, Bible study or (presumably it may be extrapolated) on the air.

    The Rev. Tod Wilken is presently a Pastor in synod.

    He has criticized the “Violet Vatican” now, more than he was ever allowed to do when they were paying him.
    [They must have thought he would never have a microphone again!]

    If they want to throw their weight around, Pr. Wilken will sooner or later be removed from the roster. [I don’t think it will rob Wilken of an ounce of credibility. The question is whether it will finally show the rest what you may expect.]
    So far, numerous confessional Pastors have been forced out, one by one, with nothing much done about it. (I commend Augustana Ministerium as one of the notable exceptions to the general “passing by on the other side”).

  6. As I understand it much of the current financial crisis in the world is due to a lack of trust between people because of the bad financial decisions some have made and lies many have told. When people don’t trust each other trade doesn’t work and markets freeze up. I can’t help but relate the current world economic situation to that of our own synod. Does anybody else see a crisis of confidence coming to our own LCMS Inc.? Do the people of the LCMS trust each other and their leaders like they used too? Is our walk together in the Lord freezing up? Are we going bankrupt when it comes to the truth? Surely our financial condition and priorities are only a symptom of our far greater problem of sin. Tragically we, as a synod, seem to be less and less about the Lord’s forgiveness and more and more about teaching the glory of what we can do for God and His kingdom.

  7. Does anybody else see a crisis of confidence coming to our own LCMS Inc.?

    Coming? Where has Anonymous been this long time?

    It’s been here some time. A few half baked overly qualified apologies won’t cure it (That’s Benke, folks, as quoted on LQ; the rest of you can calm down.)

    It will take even longer than the financial sector to resolve itself, because we had a notion those guys were cheating all along.
    In the church, you expect better, however irrational the expectation is.

  8. Helen,

    I, Anonymous, have been out of the LCMS political loop all of my life and have only recently had my eyes opened to some of what is going on with our corporate leadership. I am much more upset about the lack of credibility our church leadership is getting than that of any other political or financial leaders because the church isn’t a business or kingdom of this earth. The Church has been given the words of eternal life by Christ and must never cheapen them by acting like and joining with the lying cultures of this fallen world. As Christ’s Church we must not deceive ore lead anyone astray.

  9. Anonymous:

    lcms, inc. is not idly “labeled” so. It is also a “business” and one that can lose millions of dollars while the rest of the world is making money hand over fist.
    I shudder to think what the books really look like this year.

    Stick around. Every person that is willing to open his eyes instead of heaping more sand around his head is needed!

  10. Martin Luther wrote: “As always …a little truth from both sides …somewhere in between is the real truth.”

    How do you know that there’s “a little truth from both sides”? Are you privy to our legal correspondence?

    Would you mind pointing out to me what in my public statement is untrue, AND how you know what the “real truth” is? Again, have you been talking to my attorney?


  11. Martin Luther,

    You claim to have some inside knowledge of the real situation here. Where do you come by this knowledge? Can you document it?


  12. You have your version of the truth; the Synod has its version of the truth. I have listened to your version and read their version. Common sense (but when have we ever used this) would suggest that the real truth is somewhere in between. Somewhere down the road (prophetically speaking), there will no doubt be concessions on both parts.

  13. ML,

    Wow, I haven’t heard po-mo silliness like this since college.

    Your words remind me of Pilate’s.

    What is truth, you know?

    You realize you have just made assertions and didn’t bother trying to back them up, right?

    I mean . . . come on. Put SOME effort in here. You’re making your whole side look bad.

  14. Martin Luther wrote: “You have your version of the truth; the Synod has its version of the truth… the real truth is somewhere in between.”

    It’s like talking to a District President.

    Here are the facts.

    The Reporter claims “an agreement has been reached.” The fact is that Jeff and I haven’t been a part of any agreement whatsoever.

    Please tell me ML, what is the “real truth” that lies between what you call these two “versions” of the truth?

    The Reporter goes on to enumerate the stipulations of the alleged agreement, among them that “Rev. Wilken and Mr. Schwarz …will not disparage the LCMS or cast it or its members in a negative light.” The fact is that Jeff and I haven’t agreed to this or any of the listed stipulations.

    Please tell me ML, what is the “real truth” that lies between what you call these two “versions” of the truth?

    The Reporter also claims, “The LCMS… owns the trademark ‘Issues, Etc.’” The fact is that the LCMS let its trademark on the name lapse in October of 1999. This fact was acknowledge by the Board for Communication Services May 10, 2008 minutes: “The name is no longer a registered trademark.”

    Furthermore, the fact is that there is an approved application for the trademark (on our behalf) at the Trademark office. These are facts; not “versions” or opinions.

    Please tell me ML, what is the “real truth” that lies between what you call these two “versions” of the truth?

    Please answer these questions. Or, am I to regard your statement: “the real truth is somewhere in between” as just your version of the truth?

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