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(Twice a month we will be featuring our favorite quotes from the “Bring Back Issues, Etc.” petition site. The number in the title of the quote refers to the order in which it was recorded on the petition site.)

I was struck by the fact that a 14 year old was interested in Issues, Etc. Conventional wisdom — wisdom of the world (and even in my congregation) says that young adults aren’t interested in this type of thing. Praise bands, that’s the ticket! Higher Things anyone?

3706. Magdalena Olson, Zion Lutheran Church, Marshall, MI
I am 14. My mom and dad ALWAYS listened to mp3’s and we listened too. I learned so much because I heard it all the time. We met Pastor Todd and Jeff here in Michigan. This is very sad. I learned a lot of stuff that helps me in confirmation class. I don’t understand. Did Pastor Todd and Jeff do something wrong?

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