Chuckie Cheese and Old Lutherans, by Pr. Rossow

For forty nine  years I  have walked  the face of God’s green earth  and up until this last Sunday I had not had the pleasure of meeting Chuckie Cheese.  One of our god children  had his fifth birthday party with the lively rodent and my wife and I got invited to the party. Seeing the children following Chuckie the mouse around the emporium like he was some sort of pied piper made me  wonder  if there were not some way to combine the liturgy, cheap pizza and an oversized animated Luther character in order to get the children as excited about  church as they are about Chuckie Cheese. But then I realized that its probably already been tried in a church growth church somewhere.

My church growth idea of the overstuffed Lutheran Chuckie Cheese  may never be realized in our parish but the attached picture does  show that I did get to see some sort of melding of the two different cultures. That’s our god child’s mother Cheryl Magness sporting the Old Lutheran sweatshirt with the Chuckie Cheese nametag. Cheryl is one of the editors of the Steadfast Quarterly. Thanks Cheryl for all your hard work for BJS and for providing a little levity at Chuckie Cheese.

Pastor Rossow

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