Why duplicate efforts? (from Mollie) — 8 Comments

  1. Oh my, there are so many things wrong with that. Doesn’t that just scream “who cares about doctrine”.

    How sad…no other denomination wanted the inner city region (I wonder why? hmmm), so one small group was granted them.

    Quote from article:
    “Who knows? Maybe overlap has been the obstacle to growth the whole time,” says an Assemblies of God representative.

    It is overlaps then, not the Word and Spirit????

  2. I’m sorry Mollie but if the good folks involved with all the Ablaze! programs signed such an agreement there wouldn’t be enough work to justify the headcount at LCMS, Inc.

  3. Mollie;
    Does this mean we (the LC-MSinc.) would have to turn over control(?) of Jefferson Hills to the Assemblies of God? They get the billboards and a apostle to be named later in the trade – we get to keep whats left of our doctrine.

  4. This would be really funny, except it sounds true.

    Was GK hosting the negotiations? Sounds like *we* may have missed the boat.

    Where’s the St. Louis map?

  5. Wow, with that much border between the AG (speakers in tongue) and the SB (decidedly non-tongue-speakers)they’re going to need some serious Garden of Eden-style flaming swords to prevent church-stealing over the border.

  6. At first glance I thought I was looking at a map of Berlin after World War II. I wonder if they have a Checkpoint Charlie equivalent…

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