KFUO finances

Mollie here. So the July 2008 issue of Board Briefs indicates that the 2008/2009 budget for KFUO is $3,761,960.

A reader notes that the 2007/2008 budget for KFUO was $3,690,792.

Remember that David Strand keeps making the claim that Issues, Etc. was canceled to save money. And remember that David Strand keeps saying, with a straight face and everything, that Issues, Etc. was responsible for 40% of the AM station’s deficit.

So if David Strand canned Todd and Jeff with no notice whatsoever and without telling his board or Synod’s treasures (while somehow thinking it prudent to tell President Kieschnick and the BCS chairman) to save money . . . .

WHERE ARE THE SAVINGS? Why is the KFUO budget tens of thousands of dollars bigger this year than last year?

Things that make you go hmmmm..

Well, at least Synod, Inc. is probably asking David Strand these questions, right? I’m sure that the Board of Directors, Council of Presidents, Board for Communication Services, etc., are asking all these questions, right? Hello? Is this mic on?

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