Good Question from Bruce B On Issues and BJS

(from Pastor Rossow) Because the relationship between BJS and Issues, Etc. is informal, based on mutual benefit, (BJS does not manage Issues and Issues does not manage BJS but each benefits from mutual support) questions often arise about the nature of donations to each cause. Bruce B. asked such a question on our blog page about the BJS financial structure. Here is his question and my answer.

What if I want to be a member of BJS yet support Issues Etc directly and “cut out the middleman” as Wilken suggests in one of his antedotes about LCMS Inc?



Good question!

BJS is not a middle man. We encourage people to support Issues directly.

BJS has been started to help form men’s groups on a local level to increase the awareness of the new Lutheran Media. It is our hope that the presence of a men’s club in a local congregation will introduce men to Issues and our future projects, who otherwise may have never heard of them.

Support for BJS also helps to support this website, local chapters of men commited to our principles, and our quarterly journal which are projects that go beyond what Issues is able to do.

In short, BJS is a stand alone group, as is Issues, it is just that BJS has decided to make Issues its primary (and currently its only) project.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Pastor Rossow

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