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LCMS Council of Presidents Publishes Theses on Worship; How Do They Compare to Rev. Stuckwisch’s Theses? by Pr. Rossow

September 30th, 2009 20 comments

The Council of Presidents has just published  a series of theses on worship under the signature of President Kieschnick. The optimist in me says this is progress toward the goal of bringing our synod together on this trying subject. The skeptic in me says this is an attempt by President Kieschnick to have much sound and fury about this topic so that he can stand before the 2010 delegates and point to his efforts toward unity. Will this sound and fury amount to much? One of our readers pointed me to a good way to find out. It depends neither   More…

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“Two Kinds of Righteousness” – Theological Fad or Helpful Paradigm? News from the NID South Region Pastors Conference, by Pr. Rossow

September 29th, 2009 28 comments

I will be spending the next few days at the Northern Illinois District (NID) South region pastors conference where we are hearing Professor Joel Biermann from Concordia Seminary St. Louis (CSL) speak on the two kinds of righteousness. If you have never heard of the “two kinds of righteousness” (2KR) don’t worry, that may be a good thing. However, it is worth a bit of our discussion here in the website if for no other reason than to have an insight into the rise and fall of theological themes.

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Sign Your Name & Join Our Effort to Encourage DP’s to Cease Promotion of Un-Lutheran Materials Such as the Parish Paper, by Pr. Rossow

September 28th, 2009 105 comments

If you are concerned about District Presidents promoting non-Lutheran resources to the pastors and laity under their supervision then we ask you to sign your name below in the comments section. The recent publication of the current edition of the Parish Paper in the North Wisconsin District Newsletter has sparked this concern. Confessional pastors and laymen have always been concerned about this but a new low was reached when the recent edition of this non-Lutheran publication (Parish Paper) used its two pages to extol women pastors. Unwittingly the North Wisconsin District included this edition, as is its normal practice, in   More…

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North Wisconsin DP Apologizes for Promoting Women’s Ordination

September 28th, 2009 43 comments

Over on the original post on this story BJS member and columnist Scott Diekmann shared the apology he  received from North Wisconsin District President Hoelter for allowing a two page promotion of womens ordination to appear in his district monthly newsletter. Here is what Scott shared: I contacted President Hoelter via email. Rather than try and parse his response I’m quoting it:   “The article in question in the October NORTHERN HERALD did indeed slip past me. I can lay the blame at the feet of our editor, but as President I bear the responsibility for what is printed and   More…

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BJS Newsreel: Chapter Gets Together in Naperville for Brats, Bultmann and the ELCA

September 27th, 2009 2 comments

(Submitted by Pastor Rossow, Bethany Lutheran Church and School, Naperville – Illinois.) The Bethany-Naperville Chapter of the Brothers of John the Steadfast got together  Sunday afternoon for some grilled hamburgers, chicken and brats and more importantly to discuss the recent apostate moves of the ELCA. We thank Bethany members Rich and Gail Sutis for their hospitality for the afternoon. After lunch and discussion of the ELCA situation, the afternoon was capped off with a Chicago Bears win  that many of the group stuck around to watch on the big screen TV. (What a weekend – both Hawkeyes and Bears with   More…

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“Survey Says . . .” by Publius Aequillus

September 26th, 2009 10 comments

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, there was a popular game show on television called “Family Feud.” In the show, two families were pitted against each other answering questions that had been answered by 100 other people. Points are awarded based on the popularity of the answer as compared to the 100 people polled. The questions are not based on reality or truth, but rather on what other people think is true. When a contestant gave an answer, the game show host would say, “Survey Says…” As the official report of the BRTFSSG due in mid-October 2009 is being   More…

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A Glaring Example in North Wisconsin of What Happens When We Turn to Evangelicals for Parish Insight, by Pr. Rossow

September 26th, 2009 15 comments

The October 2009 edition of the Northern Herald of the North Wisconsin District (NWD) includes an edition of the Parish Paper that encourages the acceptance of women pastors. This is a big problem but before we get too bonkers about this let me put the best construction on this (which is still going to be quite a wobbly house) and then offer a measured critique. You can view this faux pas by clicking here and turning to page 12 of the Northern Herald. I am convinced that the President of the NWD does not endorse women’s ordination and my guess   More…

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A Well Reasoned Comment on the Convention Before the Convention by Martin Noland

September 25th, 2009 11 comments

Marty Noland wrote an excellent comment on Klemet Preus’s post on the pre-convention convention. It is worth sharing with the all our readers in case you have not been following this string of comments. You can see the post and all the other comments by clicking here. #25 by Martin R. Noland — September 25, 2009 @ 11:11 am I am trying to understand what the calling of these meetings means. First, they are not supposed to be “caucuses.” The term means meetings designed specifically to promote a candidate or issue prior to, or in the midst of, a legislative   More…

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A Questionable Pre-Convention Convention, by Klemet Preus

September 24th, 2009 41 comments

A notice has gone out from the Synod Office for Travel and Meeting that a series of “gatherings” will take place this winter in anticipation of the upcoming convention. At these gatherings, all of which President Kieschnick plans to attend, an effort will be made to convince the delegates to approve the restructuring proposals that his committee is promoting. The cost of the meetings, reportedly, will be born by the circuits. Typically regional meetings are a bit less glitzy than synodical gatherings. Since people can drive, you can go to cheaper out of the way places. But not these gatherings.   More…

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Memorial Moments – Devotion of the Week by BJS

September 24th, 2009 1 comment

There are many devotional sources around the web that will deliver to your inbox a new short piece to help you in your daily or weekly devotionals, or just get your day started in the right frame of mind. We at BJS use several of these ourselves, and wanted to bring some of them to your attention. We will be posting a devotional from different sources that we are aware of. If you receive or know of a good Lutheran devotion, please contact us and we’ll look at it and make it available to our readership. The Memorial Moment is   More…

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ELCA Bishop Asks Rebellious Leaders to “Think Evangelically and Act Missionally.” Where have We Heard Those Terms Before? by Pr. Rossow

September 24th, 2009 12 comments

(We thank BJS reader J. West for pointing  this story out to us.) The ELCA website has posted a letter from Bishop Mark Hanson written to the church  yesterday in preparation for the opening of the key ELCA dissidents group meeting in Indianapolis today. The CORE group is recommending that ELCA congregations upset at the recent apostate decisions on sexuality withhold their offerings to the ELCA and this makes Bishop Hanson “sad.” His answer is to ask the leaders of CORE and all leaders of the ELCA to “think evangelically and act missionally.” Where have we heard that sort of   More…

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The eighth anniversary of “A Prayer for America” and President Kieschnick’s “leadership” (by Pr. Charles Henrickson)

September 23rd, 2009 6 comments

In President Kieschnick’s recent “Leadership News,” he lists what he sees as “matters about which we in the LCMS are not in agreement.” Among these items is the question of how “to avoid unionism and syncretism.” Well, frankly, this is a matter that has not been helped by President Kieschnick’s “leadership.” It was eight years ago today, on September 23, 2001, that LCMS District President David Benke participated in leading the interfaith prayer service, “A Prayer for America,” along with clergy of the Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Sikh religions, as well as with clergy of Roman Catholic, Reformed, Baptist, and   More…

Give Us More Offensive Conduct Please President Kieschnick, by Pr. Rossow

September 23rd, 2009 62 comments

President Kieschnick inserts a glossy two-page, full color flier into each Reporter that he calls “Leadership News.”  In the most recent edition of this Leadership News (September, 2009) he asserts that the LCMS is “exceptionally united in what we believe, teach and confess.”

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Evangelical-Lutheran Liturgical Congregations ( Web Site Updated

September 22nd, 2009 10 comments

Are you traveling this fall or want to visit other liturgical congregations in an area? The ELLC (Evangelical-Lutheran Liturgical Congregations) website has had a face-lift over the past few weeks, and now includes maps to help you locate congregations near a certain area. Whether traveling on vacation or business or moving to a new home, this directory will help you find Evangelical-Lutheran congregations which have not adopted worship customs from the surrounding culture, such as “contemporary worship,” “praise bands,” or “entertainment worship.”

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More bad press on the KFUO-FM sale

September 22nd, 2009 14 comments

A St. Louis site has a post up titled “Why So Secretive About The KFUO-FM Sale?” I don’t know much about the specifics of the sale, but this site raises some questions about the viability of the proposed buyer: Very reliable sources say the board of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod will announce the sale of KFUO-FM sometime in October. Why, you may wonder, is everything being done so quietly? After all, no information has been forthcoming on this since word came out the church was pursuing a rather irresponsible (from a business perspective) deal with a group that already has   More…

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