Lenten Devotional Released – A Christian Holy People

It’s ready.  Seven authors, three editors, a talented art director and our webmaster have been working through January and February to produce this year’s devotion, “A Christian Holy People”.

The devotion teaches on the 7 marks of the Church as Dr. Luther describes them in his work “On the Councils and the Church”.  A great translation of this is available from Lutheran Press and would work as a great reading companion to the devotion this Lent.  There is also a Lenten Midweek service plan to follow along with this devotional if your pastor so chooses.

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We are making several formats of this devotional available to our readers for free.



Enjoy your reading, and if you so choose, you can donate to help offset some of the costs by clicking the link below.


Feel free to comment to thank any of those folks involved in the project:

“A Christian Holy People” Lenten Devotions

Written by:

Rev. Marcus Baikie, Rev. Travis Berg, Rev. Benjamin Holt,

Rev. Weslie Odom, Rev. Andrew Packer,

Rev. Joshua Scheer, and Rev. Samuel Wirgau

General Editor: Rev. Joshua Scheer

Assistant Editors: Rev. Andrew Packer and Rev. Brian Thorson

Art Director: Kris Brown


About Pastor Joshua Scheer

Pastor Joshua Scheer is the Senior Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is also the Editor-in-chief of Brothers of John the Steadfast. He oversees all of the work done by Steadfast Lutherans. He is a regular host of Concord Matters on KFUO. Pastor Scheer and his lovely wife Holly (who writes and manages the Katie Luther Sisters) have four children and enjoy living in Wyoming.


Lenten Devotional Released – A Christian Holy People — 1 Comment

  1. Rich confessional Lutheranism boiled down into a devotional booklet for Lent? I was all for it the moment I heard. Thank you all for your hard work on this.

    I used a different link to donate through Paypal, as the article link takes me to an expired/invalid session. Could this be fixed for ease of access?

    Our Lord bless you and keep you in His grace. Thank you.

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