President Harrison’s Open Forum for the ANCA-LCMS Dialogue

Found on Witness, Mercy, Life Together blog: President Harrison gave an address at the ACNA-LCMS Open Forum held at Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne on Thursday, October 27, 2011. The video of President Harrison’s presentation is provided below in three … Continue reading

A Reformation Sermon from Pr. Tony Sikora, by Pr. Rossow

Pastor Tony Sikora from Hope Lutheran Church in DeWitt, Michigan is one of my favorite preachers. I am on a list of folks that get his sermons each week. As a way of BJS marking the Reformation I am passing … Continue reading

Walther Reformation Sermon and Prayer

Received this from a brother in Christ (and in the ministry) this morning.  Thought it would be a good read for all of you folks as well.  Thanks to Don for the sermon and prayer.   A REFORMATION SERMON AND … Continue reading

ULMA Fall 2011 Meeting Details

ULMA is the United Lutheran Mission Association. They are an independent confessional Lutheran group that is dedicated to establishing new confessional churches. Their posts are archived on the “Regular Columns” portion of the website. Here is there update from their … Continue reading

An Approach to Ministering to Homosexuals, by Pr. Rossow

A post I wrote over a year ago still gets an occasional comment. It was about an openly homosexual man who was at the time (and still may be) the organist at an LCMS church in Renton, Washington. Just today the … Continue reading

Theological Dialogue with Other Christian Church Bodies

Found on Witness, Mercy, Life Together blog:   In light of the third installment of dialogue between the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) and The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS), October 27–28, which focuses on “Contemporary Issues Facing the Church … Continue reading

Walther proves our arrogance wrong…

In the spirit of celebration I have been trying to read more Walther lately.  In the course of my reading, I found the foreward to the 1856 edition of Lehre and Wehre [which I think is the first year of … Continue reading

STLTODAY — C.F.W. Walther turns 200 today, and this is why you should know who he is

Excellent article on St Louis Today about Walther’s 200th birthday:   Many American Lutheran Christians will be marking the 200th birthday of one C. F. W. Walther today. Outside of those circles, very few will even know his name. But … Continue reading

C. F. W. Walther Festive Convocation: Watch Live!

This is going on RIGHT NOW, so it’s a bit late to announce it, but if someone has some free time or can have this going on in a window it might be worthwhile to watch at Found on … Continue reading

Found on the Web — Dormitory of the Faithful Departed.

I found this idea of “Dormitory of the Faithful Departed” interesting on a new-to-me blog, Northern Crossings. Pastor Seter has several other posts that are worth viewing, including a soapstone sculpture and his visiting the soapstone factory in Kenya with … Continue reading

Reporter — Prague conference draws Lutheran leaders from 20 countries

By Albert B. Collver III By the close of an Oct. 4-7 theological conference in Prague hosted by the LCMS president’s office, many of the 71 Lutheran leaders attending from 20 countries said they appreciated that opportunity to encourage and … Continue reading

Cyberbrethren — Exciting New Mission Program – Revolutionary!

Found on Cyberbrethren .. an excerpt from The Church from Age to Age: A History from Galilee to Global Christianity:   “By the year 250, Christianity had spread to the limits of the known world. . . . The Church … Continue reading

“We Have to Try” – a perspective on the Koinonia Project from presentations made to the Wyoming District Pastors Conference

I had the privilege to sit and listen to First Vice President Mueller discuss the Koinonia Project with Pastors from the Wyoming District (the first day also included teachers and deaconesses too).  Here are some of my thoughts about what … Continue reading

Mercy Journeys

Found on Mercy Journeys: And among all the Lutheran bodies there is perhaps none that makes so much of the office of the ministry as the Missouri Synod, in which the individual congregation so definitely stands at the center of … Continue reading

Supporting University Lutheran Chapel at the University of Minnesota

A Resolution of the Montana District Fall Pastors’ Conference Supporting University Lutheran Chapel at the University of Minnesota WHEREAS, the Minnesota South District (MNS) Board of Directors (BOD) has recently taken actions and executed an agreement to sell the property … Continue reading

Stand Firm — Jamming for Jesus: Giving Him My Everything

Found on Scott Diekmann’s recently resurrected blog, Stand Firm:     The video advertisement for the upcoming New Jersey Jam contemporary worship workshop starts out with Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Pastors Greg Bearss and Matt Peeples asking So what does it … Continue reading

Higher Things — Bad People and Bad Things in Church

Found on Facebook: In this week’s Video Short, Pr. Borghardt answers a question from a young person who doesn’t go to church because historically “organized religion” has done some pretty bad things. These are questions from students answered weekly on … Continue reading

More on ULC from the Office of the President

Just received this through my email.  Glad to see that more is being said! – JVS   The Seventeenth Week after Pentecost October 13, 2011 Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! (Psalm 133:1) Dear … Continue reading

Pancakes for ULC

University Lutheran Chapel needs our help. Their building is being sold out from under them, and soon they will have no church building. They are a faithful Lutheran (LCMS) congregation at the University of Minnesota. They are a congregation of … Continue reading

Necessary Roughness on “First Thoughts on Walther Movie”

Dan Engle over on Necessary Roughness posted this “First Thoughts” of the Walther movie that has been sent to all congregations. We previously talked about this movie here. Be sure to watch for the movie and see if you can … Continue reading

Lutheran Satire on ULC

Continue reading

Great Stuff Found on the Web — How To Appreciate Your Pastor

I found this “liked” by a friend on facebook on a new-to-me blog, We Are All Beggers; Thanks Pastor Anthony Voltattorni for writing this for Pastor Appreciation Month: It’s October, which means it’s Pastor Appreciation Month. Now there are many … Continue reading

Worldview Everlasting and BJS Join Forces, Sort Of…Rev. Fisk Accepts Call to Bethany, Naperville, by Pr. Rossow

I will need to watch my step from now on because the Worldview Everlasting samurai swords will be hanging on a study wall not more than fifteen feet from where I am writing this post in my own study. The … Continue reading

Breyer nails the Missouri Synod position on the ministry: She’s sort of like a minister

Over at Gottesdienst we are on the cutting edge of sitting around on Wednesday afternoons while our wives are at Parents’ Day waiting for SCOTUS transcripts to come out. First link has a few important quotations that I pulled out … Continue reading

Reformation Week on Issues, Etc.

The lineup of guests for Reformation week on Issues, Etc. looks great. Don’t forget to tune in. Monday, October 24 – Rev. Paul McCain on Confessional Lutheranism and Roman Catholicism Tuesday, October 25 – Dr. Ken Schurb on Confessional Lutheranism … Continue reading