Citizen’s Petition Filed on KFUO Situation – Has There Ever Been a More Troubled LCMS Administration?

We thank one of our readers (LCMS Christian Classical Musician) for alerting us to the citizens petition that has now been filed to stop the sale of KFUO – FM. (To view the petition click here.) Those of you following … Continue reading

Bursting the BRTFSSG Bubble, Part 4: Shifting the Paradigm, by Scott Diekmann

Scott’s posts are archived on the Regular Columns page under the title “Apologetics – Apply Lberally.” He has also posted this story on his blog “Stand Firm.” Do you get the feeling, after having read the report of the LCMS … Continue reading

Registration Now Open for the BJS Conference this February – Todd, Mollie and Klemet – “The Fired and the Staff”

The conference is over and everyone is recharged after it; here are the presentations given at the conference: BJS 2010 Conference Live Blogging BJS 2010 Conference — more audio Click here to register for this conference Click here for Hotel … Continue reading

Printing pages from this Site, by Norm

We have had requests from some people asking to make articles on this site available to people without computers. I’ve just made changes to the site so that printing an article will produce a clean print with just the article … Continue reading

Comprehensive Analysis on the Blue Ribbon Proposals Part 4 ““ Recommendation #1: the Constitutional Amendments to the Preamble and Articles II, III, VI and VII, by Pr. Rossow

This is Part 4 of a continuing series analyzing the final report of the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Structure and Governance (BRTFSG). All posts in this series are listed here.   Recommendation #1: the Constitutional Amendments to the Preamble … Continue reading

We Need More Cowboys and Fewer Bureaucrats in the LCMS – BJS Member Shares his Wyoming Perspective on the Concordia-Chicago Play

Editor’s Note: I was pleased this Thanksgiving morning to see one of my parish members, Tye Fox,  chime in on the “Laramie Project” controversey at Concordia-Chicago. Tye is a member of our BJS chapter at church and even hosted our … Continue reading

More Good Stuff Found by Norm: Troubled Musings Raises the Issue of Deacon vs. SMP

Editor’s Note: Since posting Glen’s previous article on Volunteerism, we’ve found this post that he wrote a month ago about a related topic. Glen’s troubled musings raise the question about ordering (putting into some sort of order) the work of … Continue reading

Comprehensive Analysis of the Blue Ribbon Proposals on Structure & Governance, Proposal 1 – Manipulation and Deception by the Task Force, by Pr. Rossow

This is a continuing series analyzing the final report of the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Structure and Governance (BRTFSG). I started out with the troubling revelation that the proposals are based on the work of non-Lutheran consultants (10/28/09) and … Continue reading

Pr. Martin Noland Offers a High Level Critique of the Blue Ribbon Proposals on Structure

(Editor’s Note: Pastor Noland offered this comment on Mollie’s post from Monday where she passed on information from Publius Aequillus. That prompted Pastor Noland to make the following general and over-arching comments on the Blue Ribbon proposals. I am sure … Continue reading

Is the Congregation a Volunteer Organization? by Glen Piper

(Editor’s Note: This is from Glen Piper’s blog Territorial Bloggings.) This is an interesting question. It’s also a pertinent one, that many congregations, and congregational leaders, have to deal with this time of year as voters assemblies deliberate & vote … Continue reading

More Good Stuff Found by Norm – Meet Matt Harrison the Person: Interview on God Whisperers

We found the following on the God Whisperers site: Episode 72: Matthew Harrison. The interview was done after Rev. Harrison’s presentation to the Southern Orange County Outreach (SOCO)  luncheon, a confessional group in San Juan Capistrano, California. SOCO also doubles … Continue reading

More Good Stuff Found by Norm, THE book on Christian spirituality for today. . .on Gene Veith’s blog

I found this on Gene Veith’s blog where he asks for reviews of the book. While I haven’t had a chance to read the book, I’ve heard only good things about it and based that and the comments on Veith’s … Continue reading

Synod Renewal ““ Through Mission and Structure?

We’re lucky enough to have another missive from Publius Aequillus, where he discusses whether greater consolidation of power in the office of the Synodical President is a good idea: “Others would heal Joseph’s wounds with tighter church governance. They say, … Continue reading

Bursting the BRTFSSG Bubble, Part 3: Excising Uniformity, by Scott Diekmann

Scott’s posts are archived on the Regular Columns page under the title “Apologetics – Apply Lberally.” He has also posted this story on his blog “Stand Firm.” We’ve all seen the battles fought in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) over … Continue reading

Play Depicting Gays as Victims Staged at Concordia-Chicago, by Pr. Rossow

Columnist Robert Knight has outed Concordia-Chicago’s recent act of “academic freedom,” a staging of The Laramie Project which is a play that according to him depicts gays as victims. We here at BJS don’t buy the academic freedom argument  Concordia … Continue reading

More Good Stuff Found by Norm: Lectionary Summaries available from the LCMS Commission on Worship

The following came across the LCMS News service a few days ago. Check out the new lectionary summaries for Advent Series C and One-Year Series lectionaries available at: For example, this is the summary  for Advent 1 .. FIRST … Continue reading

Upcoming Seminars by the Confessional Lutherans for Christ’s Commission

(The CLCC is one of the many confessional groups that regularly posts on this website. Like BJS they seek to equip laymen to know and support Confessional Lutheranism. CLCC posts are archived on the Regular Columns page of this website. … Continue reading

Our Newest “Thorn in the Flesh”? by Ginny Valleau

Here is another post we received from guest correspondent Ginny Valleau that shows the real-world impact of continuing to maintain relationships with the ELCA after their decisions this year and in the past. The LMA-MnN (Lutheran Mission Association Mn North) … Continue reading

There’s Nothing Like Charts Set to Music – New Video by Brian Yamabe

Frequent BJS commentator Brian Yamabe produced this video which we discovered on the  Wittenberg Trail earlier this morning. The last couple of slides are new for this BJS version. The charts shown in the video are available here. Here is … Continue reading

Something doesn’t add up here, part 87

Remember last year when David Strand fired Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwarz and canceled Issues, Etc. without explanation? When people expressed outrage that the Synod’s only nationally syndicated program had been canned, Strand said — amazingly — that the show … Continue reading

Palin Interviews Bring to Mind Concordia-Chicago’s Questionable Ties to Terrorist William Ayers, by Pr. Rossow

Sarah Palin has been making the rounds on the cable talk shows promoting her new book “Going Rogue.” The more astute interviewers have actually read her book and are using this as an opportunity delve into her policy acumen. In … Continue reading

Interesting Outsider’s Take on the KFUO Sale

(This comment was placed this morning on Mollie’s KFUO story  from October 17. It is written by Sam Glasser.) November 18th, 2009 at 23:46 | #27 I’ve enjoyed this site’s coverage of the proposed “sale” of KFUO-FM to Gateway Creative … Continue reading

Adiaphora, The Formula of Concord, Jesus First, and Control in the BRTFSG Proposals, by Pr. Martin Noland

Editor’s Note: Martin Noland posted a wide-ranging  masterpiece of a comment on the Wendt commentary on the  Forke-Worship Theses story. The title above was provided by the editor. Thank you, President Forke, for your contribution to this discussion; and thank … Continue reading

Adiaphora Does Not Characterize Worship As COP’s Theses Imply, by Ryan Wendt

Editor’s Note: There is a good string of comments still  going on  District President Forke’s thoughts on the Council of Presidents’ (COP) theses on worship. Pr. John Frahm asserted that the Lutheran Confessions do more to define “liturgy” than the … Continue reading

Specifics on LCMS Lawsuit Against Church Ladies Released

Editor’s Note: The LCMS via the California-Nevada-Hawaii district has sued a church in California for the church property worth millions. We introduced this story a few weeks ago but then dropped it because it was hard to tell who was … Continue reading