Consultant Report to the Blue Ribbon Task Force

President Kieschnick appointed the task force in June of 2005. His immediate stated reason for doing so, as he said in his March 2005 pastoral letter, was because of “contention during and following the 2004 convention relating to the limits of authority of the Synod’s Board of Directors.”

In ?? of 2007 the Blue Ribbon Task Force contracted with Bredholt & Company to survey the synod and determine the direction.

After doing there research, including bringing in Epley Consulting & Marketing, Inc to do the actual surveying, in July of 2008, Bredholt produced a “confidential” report to the Blue Ribbon Task Force.

More intro needed. This page should be oriented towards the person who is coming new to this issue .. perhaps new delegates, DPs, pastors, or laity. It will be shortlinked under something like or /consultant or some such (suggestions?) so people can pass out to others “hey, have you see the report .. check here!”.

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