2022 Lenten Devotions Available – As if Christ Our Dear Lord Dealt with Us Himself

After a few delays we finally are able to offer for download our 2022 Lenten Devotion. Spend this Lent going through the fifth chief part of the Small Catechism – Confession and Absolution; Office of the Keys

Devotions this year are written by:

Rev. Marcus Baikie, Rev. Travis Berg, Rev. Paul Cain, Rev. Rene Castillero, Rev. Ryan Loeslie, Rev. Roberto Rojas Jr., Rev. Joshua Scheer, and Rev. Jon Zimmerman

Of particular note are the Saturday devotions on topics/common questions and objections to Confession and Absolution written by Rev. Ryan Loeslie, one of the finest pastoral theologians I know.

The download is free for use in the parish or in the household.

2022 Lenten Devotion PDF

The Amazon softcover ($4.99)

Kindle ($2.99) edition

4 thoughts on “2022 Lenten Devotions Available – As if Christ Our Dear Lord Dealt with Us Himself

  1. It would be greatly helpful if his was provided in MSWord format (as I believe it was in previous years) because then we could format it in such a way that it suits us. As for me, I want to print it as a booklet, and I can in fact do that with a pdf, but the type ends us being excruciatingly small. Whereas if I could increase the font, the problem would be solved. Can’t do that with a pdf.

  2. M A
    We have not offered Word format before.

    I will see if anything can be done about format but this is already built off a format with 16pt font. Adobe is certainly not easy to deal with at times but it still preserves the actual words written and doesn’t allow for easy changes to those words, which is important for men who write the words and for the hearers they write them for.

  3. Thank you for the resource.

    +1 vote for MS Word format (or booklet optimized edition)
    As a booklet, it is too thick to fold or staple easily.
    The woodcuts are lovely, but so small given the available space.

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