New Bible History Worksheets Published

Rev. Dr. Christian Preus, Senior Pastor of Mount Hope Lutheran Church in Casper, Wyoming has written up some very simple Bible History Worksheets for use in Lutheran homes, parishes, and schools.

There is no shortage in Biblical or doctrinal literacy in our homes, parishes, and schools. These worksheets, paired with a Bible History (such as this one from CPH) help Lutherans young and old get the basics down so they can continue their lifelong growth in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have put the price as low as Amazon on-demand printing will allow us to go in order to never be a cost burden on homes, parishes, or schools.

To order a copy click here.

A sample page:

3 thoughts on “New Bible History Worksheets Published

  1. I Ordered this workbook and I am excited to use it. I would like to know will I find the answer to these questions in the Concordia Bible history student book if I ordered it. My husband is wanting to dig deeper and wants to make sure he gets things right . We’re going to work through this together. Will we be able to find these answers if I order that Bible history student book thank you for your reply.

  2. Hi Joyce,

    The answers can all be found in the readings of Concordia Bible History. I use it with my catechism kids and it works very well. I hope it helps you and your husband!

    Pastor Christian Preus

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