Read the Book of Concord for Lent in 2020

Lent is a time when Christians devote more time to God’s Word and prayer. A part of that could easily be the dedication of more time to learn God’s Word through reading through the Lutheran Confessions. A while back Concordia Publishing House put together a reading plan for Lent. This year, we are presenting it in this post (thanks to Rachel Terpening for her help in making the easy to use handout).

A couple years ago I did this with a group of Lutherans and had a great experience. So often in reading the confessions we read slowly and chew on the phrases and teachings from paragraph to paragraph. Reading it during Lent reveals more of the overarching teachings and serves as a great introduction to all of it and also helps a person who likes to get bogged down in the details to see the bigger picture.

So if you are willing and have some time each day to put towards learning the faith and what we Lutherans believe, teach, and confess – check out the Lutheran Confessions.

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