2020 Lent Devotions Now Available for download and printing.

This year’s Lent Devotion going through the Apostles Creed is ready to be downloaded and printed. This year we have three different files for your use. The first two are two volume booklet setups of the devotion. We have found that some copiers with finishers and manual staplers just cannot handle making the booklets all in one (too many sheets of paper), so we broke this devotion down into two volumes. The third file is the the full page eReader edition, which is also useful to print a “large print” version of the devotion as well.

Lent 2020 Booklet Volume 1

Lent 2020 Booklet Volume 2

Lent 2020 Full Page eReader (also Large Print)

Service Plan for Lent midweek services

Still yet to come are the Amazon.com paperback (under review at Amazon and should only cost $4.49 a copy) and the daily devotional podcast – being recorded now by Rev. Paul Cain. Stay tuned as we will announce how to get these when we have the right links.

From the Amazon.com description:

“Created to be Redeemed and Sanctified” is a devotional series for the season of Lent.  Following the flow of Luther’s Small Catechism it uses the text of Holy Scripture, the three Ecumenical Creeds, and solid hymnody to teach us about the only true God, the Triune God that we have as Christians – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Specific emphasis is upon not only the persons of the Holy Trinity, but upon their works as well (creation, redemption, sanctification).  Designed for individual, family, and congregational use, this devotion is intended to be a blessing to your observance of the Holy Season of Lent and your growth in the knowledge of the only true God.

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