Morality, “the Wall,” and Abortion

Christians of good will may disagree with the wisdom of certain civil policies and support different political parties. However, other issues involve stances that are intrinsically immoral and must be rejected by Christians.

Two issues have lately been dominating the news cycle: 1. A proposed wall on our nation’s southern border; and, 2. Abortion. Let us consider the morality of each of these issues.

Many people have taken to using the word “immoral” or “unchristian” to describe the proposed wall or barrier. They will also claim that the “Christian” thing to do must be for a nation to welcome people who seek to enter into its territory. These claims must be observed to be false. A protective wall is not intrinsically immoral. To protect what God has given us in a sinful world, we all lock doors and build fences. The wisdom to build a particular protective wall could be called into question, but to call a protective wall immoral is nonsensical. More seriously, to call it immoral implicitly accuses those that support it as being unchristian and in violation of God’s will.

It is a Christian desire, born out of love for home and hearth, to defend and preserve one’s own nation. Even non-Christian nations understand this by nature. The ancient Chinese built a wall. The Romans built them in multiple places. Or, for a more recent example, the Israelis built one that has significantly lowered both illegal immigration and terrorist activity.

The debate over “the wall” should be argued in the realm of wisdom. Some will wish to argue that a wall is ineffective, unnecessary, or too expensive. Others will point to the need for protection for our country. However, approaching the issue from the question, “Is this wise?” allows for the possibility of an evidence-based, reasonable discussion between the two sides of the debate. Christians of good will may disagree over the wisdom of a wall on our southern border, but Christians have no biblical justification to consider such a protective wall intrinsically immoral—read the book of Nehemiah if you are in any doubt of this.

The situation is exactly opposite in the case of abortion. Fundamentally, either killing babies is immoral, or, it isn’t. Abortion is an issue where the morality (or in this case: immorality) of the act is intrinsic to the debate and drives the argumentation for both sides. Christians of good will cannot disagree on this issue. The Word of God teaches us that murder is wrong, which is precisely what abortion is.

The ongoing, government-sponsored, slaughter of children in our nation should be a cause for great concern for every Christian. One cannot help but notice that abortion is reminiscent of the pagan practice of sacrificing infants. We should pray that God would show mercy to our nation and hold back His wrath for the sake of His Son. We should also pray for those who have participated in this bloodshed, that they may find forgiveness and healing in Jesus Christ.

May the Lord grant us all wisdom when considering and speaking about these important subjects.


In Christ,

Pastor Ramirez


The above article was first published in St. Paul’s Lutheran Church’s February monthly newsletter. Anyone who wishes to use it, unedited, in their own congregational newsletter has permission to do so.

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