Concordia Seminary, St. Louis Board of Regents Minutes from March 2018

In response to the ongoing problems related to the Summer 2017 Concordia Journal I have asked for the official minutes from the March 2018 Board of Regents meeting (approved in May 2018).  Some of the issues were already resolved in a Christian fashion.  There are remaining issues however.  These issues include the South Wisconsin and Wyoming District’s resolutions against the teachings found in the summer 2017 CJ (which have been proven accurate by the author involved), and the unanimous CSL faculty open-letter rebuke of every pastor in those districts (which still stands), and my own District President Rev. John Hill responding which helped him receive the Sabre of Boldness from Gottesdienst this year.

The minutes are public record and as such I have scanned them and placed them on our site.  They reveal a number of things.

CSL BOR March 2018 Minutes

The official minutes are 8 pages long (there are additional handout pages).  The things related to the CJ article start on page 4.  The main related motions are on page 7, including some calling for action before the May meeting.  Since one of those actions would have involved pastors in my district receiving a CSL faculty apology, I can say that the action commanded by the Board of Regents did not happen according the deadline set by the Regents.

Page 4 also includes the motion to include some different handouts into the minutes.

CSL BOR March 2018 Handouts entered into minutes


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