Speakers on Heterodoxy High Alert, The Spirit and Great Spirits, Live Recordings, Africa, Bacon and More – Welcome to the Brothers’ Big Conference and Party, by Pr Rossow

Today we welcome over 200 folks to our annual conference here in Naperville, Illinois. Welcome travelers and those who may be tracking us on these posts on line. Norm, Rev. Scheer, Rev. May, Rev. Henrickson, and I will all be busy for the next 48 hours but we will try when possible to keep you posted on all the buzz going on.

Rev. Rod Zwonitzer and Rev. Charlie Henrickson will be doing a live broadcast of Concord Matters tomorrow morning and Rev. Andersen and Rev. Asburry will be recording an edition of Steadfast Throwdown at the conference (as well as some other surprises).

I will interview Rev. May about all the work Lutherans in Africa (LIA) is doing and we will be announcing a three city conference on how to do missions right coming this fall and sponsored by LIA.

There is all of this going on but the main attraction is the amazing list of speakers that Associate Editor Rev. Joshua Scheer has put together for the conference. Joshua can be called a prophet since he not only proclaims the Word of God each week out in Wyoming be he also chose the theme “When Heterodoxy Hits Home” months before the Matthew Becker debacle hit the LCMS.

There will  be all of this, four great parties after Evening Prayer tonight, incredible food, including lots of pizza and bacon, and confessional camaraderie up the whazoo! It’s going to be a great time and more importantly a meaningful exploration of what happens and what we are to do when heterodoxy hits home. (There will be no live streaming but presentations are being recorded for future broadcast here on the site.)

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