Deleted Comments at 5/2 Blog – DP’s, Who is Genuinely Courageous and Open, 5/2’ers or BJS’ers? by Pr. Rossow

The 5/2 editors are deleting comments on their blogs that they apparently don’t like. (You can find these blogs at the Five Two Facebook page.) A couple of our writers have posted comments asking questions about some of the 5/2 practices and they have been deleted. So I ask the District Presidents of the LCMS, who are the genuinely courageous and open folks in the LCMS, the 5/2’ers or the BJS’ers?

We have a very liberal and open comment policy here at BJS. Through the years I have been pressured to delete various comments that include false teaching and personal attacks. We have started to delete unfair personal attacks but we never have and still do not delete critical or heretical comments. We don’t delete comments we disagree with here at BJS. Instead we discuss, debate and debunk what we disagree with, all in the transparent, open world of the blogosphere.

BJS’ers have often been criticized for being fearful and closed-minded in our attempts at incessant doctrinal purification while church growth churches are held up as bold and courageous while they embrace every fad that comes along. Time and time again we find in the world of the church and politics that it is the liberals who are close-minded to other views and who fearfully try to silence others. Conservatives fearlessly welcome debate and discussion.

Consider this as well. Back in the days of President Kieschnick, CPH published a book about courageous churches which of course were all churches that sought to mimic the culture. What is more courageous, to bow to the culture of narcissism and felt needs with a contemporary style or to stand up to the culture with historic and timeless style?

We are starting to take screen shots to record the comments that are getting deleted on the 5/2 blogs. We will keep you posted.

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