Like the blog? Check out the conference! Register by Monday night for the 2013 BJS Conference

ConferenceAmong the flood of stories going on right now at BJS I wanted to remind all of our readers (and many of the new ones) that if you want to have some great times among Lutherans come to the National Conference of the Brothers of John the Steadfast on February 15-16th (yep, next week already!).  Registrations close on Monday night, so get your them in quickly.

If you are new to the site and are interested in our organization and what it stands for, the conference may be a great idea.


Some things to see at the conference:

  • Lutheran clergy and laity hearing solid teaching by Pastors Wolfmueller, Fisk, and May.
  • Lutherans enjoying worship together and hearing preaching by Pastors Sikora and Fiene.
  • Lutherans tasting some great food in things like the dinner on Friday (Chicago style pizza, accompanied by the stand-up comedy of Pr. Wolfmueller) and “Manly Man’s breakfast” (women are allowed as well) and the lunch with commentary by Pr. Rossow and myself.
  • Lutherans gathering for various “No Pietists Allowed” parties on Friday night.
  • Lutherans getting to know some of the new authors for BJS.
  • Lutherans getting updates on what 2013 will hold for BJS on the web, in other media, and hopefully in your parish.

Click here for the conference schedule.
Click here to register for the conference (registration closes Monday night, Feb 11th)
Click here for close hotels.
Click here for information on the 2012 conference

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