“Lutheran” finds new adjective use — what are your thoughts?

Alright, we are all used to hearing and seeing “Lutheran” used as a noun.  We are even used to seeing it as an adjective before words like “Confessions” and “fathers” and so forth.  Lately, it has now being used as an adjective before “Christian”.  I noticed this a few months back on the cover of the Lutheran Witness.

My comments about the Lutheran Witness:  It is an excellent resource and has been getting better it seems almost every issue.  The content of the magazine is wonderfully written and selected for use in our homes and churches.  For that I am very thankful and promote it to others to pay for subscriptions to.   In fact, if you haven’t already, subscribe to it here.

My question is what does using the phrase “Lutheran Christian” gain for us and what does it lose for us?  Does this usage relegate Lutheranism to just one of the many different expressions of Christianity?  Has anyone noticed any of our Lutheran fathers use this kind of language?

What are your thoughts on this adjectival usage of “Lutheran”?


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