Spend Lent with our fathers (and a few mothers) in the faith…Updated

A few years back I spent a lot of time writing a daily devotional for Lent that incorporated the Small Catechism, reading through the Gospels, regular prayer, and learning more about our Lutheran Heritage.  The result was something I entitled “Lutherans for Lent”.  It involves a devotion for each day consisting of a brief biography of one of our Lutheran fathers, a suggested scheduled reading of a chief part of the Catechism, a couple chapters suggested continuous reading of the Gospels, and then also some weekly rotated prayer suggestions.

In the parishes I have served many people have come to know how much I believe teaching our Lutheran Heritage is an important part of seeing God’s continued care for His people.  Along with that I view our heritage as proof that our doctrine and the practice of that doctrine cannot be divided.  Seeing how our Faith has looked in the lives of those who came before us can help us understand how it finds expression in our daily lives today as well.

So for anyone’s resource and use, I make the following available for free to whoever would like to use them to become better acquainted with our Lutheran fathers (and some mothers too).

For a booklet-form copy (1/2 an 8×10 sheet printed double-sided) click here

For full 8×11 sheets, click here.

Please note that I have removed the licensing stuff and also made some revisions pointed out by readers.

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